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  1. Not true, there's a decent podcast about this on Guardian Science. The only contraindication to it is documented heparin induced thrombocytopenia which is extremely uncommon. No reason people with other clotting disorders can't have AZ, although personally I would be trying to get Pfizer or Moderna regardless as I know several people who have been wiped out by AZ. Chances of a serious blood clot incident with AZ is about 1 in 300,000 and more likely in younger people. Chances of a fatal reaction about 1 in a million. Janssen vaccine is also based on an adenovirus platform and we a
  2. Dunno, wouldn't that be footed or just kicked?
  3. Sounds like you're playing with old men and/or the chronically ill. Still, if this helps your self esteem.
  4. Is the plan north to south, or south to north? I would strongly recommend the forme. The thought of descending Nevis exhausted and sleep deprived is quite scary.
  5. Distance about right but the elevation of Nevis is about 4500 feet climb, on the tourist route which is nowhere near as nice as the CMD arrete. Thing is, it's very rocky and utterly relentless, Going up is okay, but I've found it to be a leg breaker on the way down, really hurt my knees and hips. Then there's the weather. I wouldn't personally do it again I don't think, would have no problem at all with Snowdon or Scafell pike mind. Not trying to put you off, just want to dispel myths it's easy. Are you doing this challenge in 24 hours? If so I'm well impressed, I couldn't do half
  6. Of course she was, someone said so on the twitter thread. No evidence whatsoever of any racism in the Royal family, none whatsoever.
  7. Lizzy's no different like. Never liked David Jason either, showing himself to be a proper arsehole there, in fact all them have.
  8. Was this not because he wasn't the bloodline monarch? Did Prince Albert take the spotlight from Victoria? What about Dennis and Margaret Thatcher? Or Philip and Theresa May? What a load of shite.
  9. Some of these are quite funny tbh. But most show what an utterly privileged bigot he was. Phttps://www.independent.co.uk/news/people/prince-philip-quotes-jokes-gaffes-b1829205.html
  10. And is an absolute dirge that makes me want to stick knitting needles in my ear drums. Oh, and being an.anthem that is supposed to represent and unite the 4 nations yet has this as a verse.
  11. Well that's you fucked now mate. Expect a knock on the door from Priti Patel any time soon and off you go to Ascension.
  12. Does this really happen every year?
  13. I agree but if it wasn't for hard Brexit this wouldn't have happened would It? Seems to be the accepted political consensus now anyway. The fear will be that this will spiral out of control and the long held peace process will collapse. Okay, I'm not remotely familiar with NI but honestly, this seems quite a likely outcome to me. Ultimately triggered by Brexit as was repeatedly warned. Johnson has blood on his hands.
  14. It clearly is the NI protocol like, and what that means for the future. Not rocket science. Got to put a border up with a hard Brexit. Put it on the land, catholics riot. Put it in the sea, protestants riot. Who could have predicted it?
  15. Cheers, quite a common problem I think. I was attacked by a dog on 2 occasions as a kid, bitten both times. Didn't make me afraid cos I'm nails but really put me off them. Thinking back they have been spaniel cross breeds too. Mad cunts. Sounds like you missed a trick there avoiding the shit machine, you could easily have restoked your daughter's fears. Whose psychological piece of mind is more important, yours or hers?
  16. Cheers, yeah, I agree it's something we need to proactively work on. I do have a few friends with dogs who have offered to help but they are big dogs which she is most terrified of. Ironic because I know big dogs are generally very passive (golden retrievers etc). The cafe is a good idea if they reopen although as I'm allergic Mrs R can do that!
  17. That's interesting. My daughter was petting an ex-neighbours dog, pretty sure it was a spaniel of some kind, solid black. It suddenly bit her on the face unprovoked. Claret everywhere, day spent in casualty, no permanent physical damage but the psychological effects have been terrible. This was 2 years ago, and she now has an increasingly worse phobia of dogs. Some seem to sense it and go for her, making the problem worse still. She now won't go anywhere where dogs are off the lead. Can't go for walks in parks or on the beach, bridle ways etc. As if lockdown wasn't bad enough we've suffered as
  18. Manchester one was for NICE. I passed a written exam but at the interview it became pretty clear the commute wasn't feasible, and tbh the thought of wfh every day just wasn't for me. My job now will be in Newcastle science Park (Helix, next to St James). Leaving all the T&Cs of the teat of the NHS is a concern, but the opportunity will be massive. I will be doing quite a bit of work on the covid vaccination going forward apparently. This year has been a complete head fuck for me, I've got to do something positive going forward. Starting with a champagne bottle up my arse. Maybe.
  19. Renton

    Forum Upgrade

    Cheers for keeping the place running Ant. Ignore the ingrates!
  20. I got my second 2 weeks ago through the hospital, I think it was 10 weeks after the first and was planned 8 weeks ahead. How did you get your first one? I thought it was through your company, in which case contact your HR? On a separate note this will be the last queue jumping I do on jabs. I'm leaving the NHS next month for the other side, like a mini Chez Given. After the way I've been treated as an employee I will have no regrets making as much money for big Pharma as possible. Champagne enemas are on ice.
  21. You missed out the next two paragraphs of that article. Which were the facts that the WHO have found no connection to the laboratory, and that it is Trump pushing it. And yes, I thought everybody already knew it was a highly specialised laboratory for zoonotic coronaviruses,.which is to be expected in that area. I'd tend to trust the WHO on these matters more than the bleach drinking Trump but that's my choice. On a different note, I am dreading this summer a bit. The coast was manic today, never seen it like this in March. Mass drinking and BBQs on the beach, littering, antisocial
  22. Fair enough. I guess i was taking exceptions to the idea that other religions are 'just' religions, seems to be a bit of exceptionalism going on there. Most religions are entwined with history, politics, and heritage.
  23. Is irish Catholicism simply a religion?
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