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  1. Coronavirus

    Johnson's a sinophile and doesnt approve of mocking chinese people based on their appearance! Did I hear that right?
  2. Coronavirus

    Aye. He should be bricking it come the inevitable inquest. Plenty of lay people knew Cheltenham etc was a disaster waiting to happen.
  3. Coronavirus

    Daily car crash. It's like Johnson gets taken out and bum raped every day. Trouble is, being an Etonian, he enjoys it.
  4. Coronavirus

    Good luck trying to lock down the morons here. Plus I don't remember London getting selectively locked down when it was the hot spot. I'd agree it's the way to go tbh, but we'll be even more fucked over here.
  5. Coronavirus

    Which we literally can't use to go anywhere, except maybe Portugal!
  6. Coronavirus

    And then we have the farsically late introduction of quarantine when prevalence here is worse than anywhere else in the world? Literally holidaying in Spain would be a protection, if they were mad enough to take us (looks like only Portugal are that desperate). And the fucking insanity of Rees Mogg and the house of commons. And Brexit. We are in serious trouble here.
  7. Coronavirus

    The death rate coming down appears to have stalled and might be increasing. This comes 2 days after Spain announced zero deaths and I also notice today we have surpassed them in deaths per capita. We are the worst large country in the world on this metric bar Belgium, which is a small country anyway and counts deaths more extensively. Extremely worrying data. Our infection rate is above what it was when lock down was introduced, and yet we are unlocking lots of stuff. And telling shielded people to get out and about. I just don't get it. Many experts think this will come back with a vengeance in Autumn. Oh fuck.
  8. Europe --- In or Out

    You haven't seen the houses down Tyne Dock and Jarra Marra. 12 poles to a bedroom nicking all the ship building jobs Marra.
  9. Precedent Trump

    It's not just the states either, although it seems most fucked up over there. There's Brazil, the UK, Hong Kong and China, Russia etc all fucked up to various degrees. I'm just hoping things settle down and my kids will experience "normal", but it seems to heading down the "ayears and years" route. That series looks increasingly prescient.
  10. Precedent Trump

    Aye, its fucking terrifying that we're clinging onto the coat tails of a failing superpower. What timing, although of course the timing isn't coincidental, as both countries are infected (and I don't mean by covid).
  11. Coronavirus

    Ah right. I still confused about whether we are in lockdown or not. Personally, I dont think we ever have been.
  12. Precedent Trump

    America descending into a dystopian nightmare. We're normally a couple of years behind them iirc.
  13. Coronavirus

    I haven't got a clue what you mean if that helps?
  14. Precedent Trump

    I know it didn't scan that well, but that response is ridiculous!
  15. Coronavirus

    Aye, i think maybe in September they'll have to drop most social distancing and rely on hygiene measures, washing hands and not sharing stuff. But even washing hands will be a nightmare with 1 sink and a whole classroom. How the fuck they are going to learn much is beyond me, we could end up with a generation of thickies. As for home schooling, tried it, fuck that, I'm out. Just like other key workers, I'm really appreciating the skill and dedication of teachers now.
  16. Coronavirus

    Sharing toys etc won't be allowed in September either, may as well get used to it. 15 classmates though? Are your kids at a private school Gloom?
  17. What are you drinking?

    It had quite a strange taste iirc. Gave me random twitches and chemically induced insomnia.
  18. What are you drinking?

    I dont get why franchised lager brewed here tastes so rank. What do they do to it? Having said that San Miguel seems to be on offer everywhere at the moment and tastes okay, my cooking lager of choice at the moment.
  19. What are you drinking?

    I think high abv nearly always improves taste, for lagers or IPA anyway. Stella Artois tasted much better when it was stronger. I was in the Rainforest cafe near piccadilly just before this kicked off. As an aside, it's shit and a rip off if you haven't been, resist going. Anyway, the Stella there was 3.5%! Fuck off man. Back in the day I remember as a student I tried to get pissed on Trent bitter. Think it was 3.5% abv. Impossible task, 15 cans later I was still sobre as a judge but needing the bog every 5 minutes. I don't think it's possible to get drunk on beer that weak.
  20. Coronavirus

    I was actually thinking that. I am eligible to participate in the vaccine trial OR be part of an antibody survey. Not sure tbh, a bit of a hassle. I'm bound to be given the placebo arm if I do the trial, or turn into a zombie, and I'm pretty certain I haven't been infected so the antibody study is pointless to me from a personal pov. Both require a fair bit of blood work, so not pleasant. On the other hand, I feel a bit of a hypocrite not volunteering.
  21. Coronavirus

    "The garden could do with some rain anyway". Proof positive of my middle aged status.
  22. Coronavirus

    I think it will be a slow, lingering spread under more or less current restrictions, but with people being forced back to work or redundancy, and an explosion in Autumn. That's when the shed in Sunderland will be used. What a shit show. I bought a paddling pool this weekend (online). Don't underestimate the need to get kids outdoors and occupied. Now I've got to buy a fucking pump too mind.
  23. Coronavirus

    A fucking bouncy castle!?
  24. Coronavirus

    I've heard about the vitamin D thing but not looked into it. As you suggest, 99% of theories involving vitamins are bollocks though.
  25. Yes Gemmill...

    I found the contrast between BftBS and Auf Wiedersen Pet fascinating. Both from similar time periods, think the scouse one was slightly earlier, both from similar areas, reporting on the societal situation of the time. Bleasdale perfectly captured the zietgest, framed in some very black humour. La Frenais and Clement superbly captured the regional characters, obviously had a European twist, and was frankly hilarious. I've watched the latter countless times but never really want to watch the former again much. That's a compliment to both sets of script writers.

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