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  1. The people who go mad for it often don’t have a clue about history. Then you have knobs like that Tory mp who are patriotic in the jingoistic sense but wouldn’t go near military service. They love a good war so long as it doesn’t involve anyone they care about. It’s pretty much the opposite of respect for the people who serve in the military because, like most politicians that jump on the land of hope and glory bandwagon, they view them as expendable rather than actual people doing a tough job. But as long as he’s got his poppy on first
  2. Eskdale was quiet when I stayed there in July and we’re going back to the same place next year. When I went to Wasdale it was insanely busy though. People camping and parked everywhere. Also last time I was there I went walking near Hayeswater. There was a sign on the beacon at the top of Thornthwaite Crag telling you to stay clear due to danger of falling rocks. Pretty much guaranteed that’s due to tits climbing on it.
  3. Wearing a poppy gives you exemption from wearing a mask
  4. Just like the evangelicals that support them then
  5. Imagine that, trying your best to be Mr ToonArmy Hero.
  6. Ah, right. That said, I haven’t heard anyone other than ritson say he wasn’t well beaten.
  7. When your own promoter says you lost it’s got to be a questionable decision like
  8. I’ll take a wild guess and say there’s some funding from Russia
  9. Nee wonder he loves Bruce, his wind-up attempts are about as subtle as our playing style. If you could call it a playing style
  10. Even then it fucks the ones who sell most of their catch to Spain, France etc. It’s just another ridiculous attempt to look like we’re being strong / taking back control. Plus fishing has changed loads since the heyday of places like Hull. And most people wouldn’t want the jobs anyway. Other than that it makes perfect sense
  11. To what end though? Not saying it isn’t but you would think it’s political suicide. Although I’ve thought that before with these cockroaches
  12. It’s good from a career POV though, so every cloud...
  13. It’s looking like a great Xmas. It’s fucking crazy how they’ve backed themselves into this corner. The deadline was tight anyway, then COVID gave them an out in terms of an extension without losing face. So they bring their own deadline forward instead whilst all the while acting in such an unreasonable manner as to make a deal almost impossible for the EU to agree to.
  14. He’s dead. Found looking like Christopher McCandless
  15. That’s a bit too much information tbh
  16. Well it’s the EU’s fault, isn’t it? I’m not sure why we need the EU anyway though
  17. Well, unlike when I pulled you up on your grammar the other day, you aren’t completely changing the meaning of the sentence on this occasion. Although I can’t say I’m surprised that went over your head. It’s goings-on though. And you’re very welcome.
  18. It’s good they answer to ‘Sugartits’ though
  19. It was the last time I went out in London I think. It’s one of those places where it’s like stepping into a different place / time / dimension when you enter or leave one the establishments round there.
  20. That’s the one. Cunt on cunt crime
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