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  1. Newport County vs Newcastle United

    That’s exactly it. It’s an easy ride under Bruce by comparison for characters like him. On and off the pitch.
  2. Europe --- In or Out

    The blitz spirit brigade
  3. Politics

    Do they think the fucking Channel’s like some becalmed millpond where pumping out a bit of water will cause some big wave that’ll send all these boats surfing back to Calais. Apart from the appalling nastiness of it, it reveals they really are thick as pig’s shit.
  4. Newport County vs Newcastle United

    Never in doubt tbh
  5. mackem messageboard gold

    Sorry I was being extremely puerile in case you hadn’t realised
  6. mackem messageboard gold

    Brown Software and Hardware IT Consulting?
  7. mackem messageboard gold

    And CEO of another company that hasn’t filed any accounts yet
  8. mackem messageboard gold

    He can relate to Trump because they pay similar amounts of tax
  9. Other games 2019/2020

    Muse are shite
  10. mackem messageboard gold

    There’s good looking long hair but he looks like someone’s stuck his wig on about 6 inches too far back
  11. mackem messageboard gold

    The Wolf Data Systems site reeks of a cover for some bollocks con he’s trying to pull too
  12. mackem messageboard gold

    Had a massive non existent bet on something unquantifiable with someone who doesn’t exist who is allegedly supporting him as a backer in a fake bid to not buy a football club which most people don’t give a fuck about to raise the profile of an energy drink you can’t buy anywhere
  13. Europe --- In or Out

    Those in the NHS and the civil service. That’ll be it
  14. Europe --- In or Out

    It’s not important in the post-Brexit landscape that the local firm that made them lost the contract to a French firm who would make them in Poland. What matters is they are going to be blue
  15. Precedent Trump

    What’s MAOGA?
  16. Coronavirus

    I can’t remember where I read it but someone was saying all these people banging on about it don’t love freedom, they just dislike inconvenience.
  17. mackem messageboard gold

    Aye, it was done really sympathetically and it was still hilarious
  18. mackem messageboard gold

    If either the energy drink or the data systems company were moderately successful (let alone living up to the claims he makes) than you would imagine it would be difficult for one person to be the CEO in both companies let alone doing all this other stuff. It makes you wonder if he’s not quite all he claims to be.
  19. Coronavirus

    Just keep them brief
  20. Coronavirus

    it’s definitely already the rules on the tube. Also, with it being London that could be a pisstake or it could be entirely serious
  21. mackem messageboard gold

    On that Netflix doc about them a few of the fans that took part whilst not exactly erudite, came across ok. But, by the same token, you got the impression that was about the best they could get without making the club and its fanbase look (even more) ridiculous
  22. mackem messageboard gold

    Any updates on the takeover?
  23. Coronavirus

    The workplace issue has been so badly handled. People perfectly capable of working from home being more or less bullied into going back with the government suggesting people could lose their jobs if they didn’t. It’s absolutely obvious spending c. 40 hours a week with people without PPE, sharing toilets, kitchens and other communal areas and so on was bound to lead to more infections. You can see the argument for schools reopening whether you agree with it or not but why people who could work from home were being encouraged not to is just another example of gross negligence. Universities too. It’s shite for students if they miss out on the social side but at the same time, it’s not like loafing about and partying whilst doing a pointless degree (which, if we’re being honest applies to fucking loads of them) is a necessity or the human right it’s almost being made out to be. It’s having an impact on a lot of middle class white kids though so it’s the end of the world.

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