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  1. Coronavirus

    And the institutions themselves who cottoned on a good few years back they could make as much, if not more, from accommodation than fees
  2. And it’s coming from a bloke who was so obsessed with Bruce bettering Rafa’s total that he turned off replies and claimed to not have seen matches where we lost at the back end of last season. And he’d have done similar bar the extremely fortunate equaliser yesterday. And that’s purely so he can win an argument on the Internet.
  3. mackem messageboard gold

    Classy club
  4. I don’t like VAR but in this instance it’s the handball law to blame. It’s mental. But it’s Mourinho and Spurs so it’s fucking brilliant
  5. Is there a match on?
  6. I love Ancellotti like. Shame he’s theirs
  7. Funny pictures thread

    Oswald Mosley, the melt
  8. Coronavirus

    Entirely predictable
  9. Politics

    Get Lammy on and all of a sudden Marr tries to be a proper journalist
  10. Reminds me of the old joke. What do you call a Chinese woman with no legs? Dragon (draggin’) lips
  11. Coronavirus

    Good point I think. I’ve avoided supermarkets at busy times since the relaxation of lockdown. Social distancing went completely out of the window and people weren’t wearing marks etc. It seems to have improved a bit, probably as people who haven’t gone full tin foil hat have had a fright with the rise in cases. But you still get people using the exemption excuse and who seem too impatient to observe social distancing.
  12. Coronavirus

    See which causes most embarrassment
  13. Coronavirus

    Ask him about Pardew while you’re at it
  14. Coronavirus

    If I want to take my laddie football training at Wallsend BC I need to. Apparently. I’ll need to to scan the QR code as I go in. Although I’m not sure how they’ll enforce or police it. Just looking forward to being told I need to self isolate because someone’s tested positive
  15. Yes Gemmill...

    Just seen about that. Top class test and odi batsman. RIP
  16. Coronavirus

    That’ll delay your arrival at the Billy Mill roundabout
  17. Coronavirus

    CT’s fantasy shag iirc
  18. Coronavirus

    Denise Welch, Peter Ebdon, the homeless bloke claiming he’s buying SAFC and Nigel Farage all reckon there’s nowt to worry about so that’s reassuring
  19. Europe --- In or Out

    It’s what they voted for
  20. Europe --- In or Out

    No, Alan, you kernt
  21. Coronavirus

    I saw that on the rolling breaking covid news ticker. Straight out of Brass Eye
  22. Coronavirus

    And grandparents can look after kids. The latter are probably super spreaders and the former are at risk generally. But crack on so there’s childcare for workers
  23. Coronavirus

    The at table service only applies to licensed premises because the government’s had to clarify because they hadn’t thought about the one or two coffee shops and McDonald’s out there

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