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  1. Aye, I do like some of his 80s solo stuff tbf
  2. Incidentally, he’s only called Harry Palmer in the films. The protagonist is never named in the books.
  3. All of a sudden the bbc are falling over themselves to interview Corbyn supporters
  4. It’ll win more votes than it loses
  5. As much as anything that statement just demonstrates how fucking stupid Corbyn is. It was a big problem handled appallingly badly by the leadership. Yes, it was almost certainly blown out of proportion but his failure to appreciate it would be and that it would give massive amounts of ammunition to his opponents speaks volumes. Even now the daft twat seems to be doing his best to enable this appalling government
  6. Mustn’t have made a big enough campaign donation this time round
  7. I bet he can work well as part of a team but can also handle situations where he has to work independently.
  8. Best leave things for a while. The estimated R rate is 1.6 nationally and nearly 3 in the capital. People just need to wash their hands more
  9. Also, if I’ve understood this Tariq fella correctly, Newcastle fans should be asking an owner (who never speaks to them) questions about non-specific bids / enquiries he’s meant to be ignoring that probably don’t even exist? Cheers. I’ll get right on that, mate. Meanwhile, Edwards, who cannot resist even the slightest opportunity to wind up Newcastle fans has received similar information about Ashley being unwilling to sell but hasn’t previously mentioned it. What an absolute fucking pile of shite that bloke comes out with
  10. He had the inside track on the non-existent rival bidders though
  11. The farmers have signed a non-disclosure agreement
  12. Gandaft has reputedly (ie according to him, therefore not all) launched a beef jerky using very similar branding to his fake ‘data systems’ company. Beef jerky ffs
  13. Edwards tweeting in pidgin now it would appear
  14. Can you ratchet that up a bit? They’re saying they can’t quite see that wind up attempt from the ISS
  15. Funny how it’s ok for him to argue we were unlucky against Man Utd but all of a sudden it’s a results-based business when it’s a more positive outcome
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