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  1. I mean, how much fucking work does a good David Gray lookalike get? Let alone a shit one. Eddie the Eagle is a tad niche too. Plus you’d just get the real one
  2. Eric Morecambe you could dig Eric Morecambe up and he’d still look more like Eric Morecambe
  3. Going off the site you and I could both sign up as a fish lookalike.
  4. Been thinking the same for a little while now.
  5. Used to quite often go and watch Daisy Hill play on a Sunday morning as my uncle played for them for years. Him and me Dad were involved with Heaton Stannington for a long time in various capacities too and back in the day there were always a few ‘Hillers’ in the team. The name sounds so nice as well (which obviously is in no way meant to infer that it isn’t a lovely place ).
  6. Agreed. There’s no way Edwards has a clue what’s going on like. You know that because his source is the manager
  7. Relegation is precisely what the owner deserves. If it wasn’t apparent how little he understands about football you’d think it was his aim
  8. Simpler times when people would have been arsed about it
  9. When’s my turn? I’m ancient ffs
  10. He’s even shite at getting the sack
  11. One of his relatives, possibly his sister, Mam and girlfriend, had the audacity to call people sad bastards (or words to that effect) for mocking a bloke who spent all his time hanging about in cars with people half his age
  12. Any idea what was going down in Forest Hall earlier? About 10 police cars and the Forest Hall Road was closed near the Ritz. Your mention of Jay Jay Sea made me wonder if he’d escaped again
  13. RIP. Cultured defender, seemed like a nice bloke.
  14. Makes me laugh how they’re selling an attempt to keep property prices increasing as something to help young people buy their own homes
  15. It was just a weird move that smacked of panic though. Darlow has been doing well and there was no need to drop him. It’s the kind of thing that seems almost bound to backfire when you’re in a run of form / position like ours.
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