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  1. This is a different nonexistent bid
  2. And here’s a mocked up kit to prove it
  3. Apart from thinking it was totally disrespectful when I saw that photo I also thought ‘they’re brave’. Hope it’s not true like
  4. Didn’t get to watch the first half properly but what I did see of the match he had about 4 occasions where a decent connection should’ve at least seen the goalkeeper having to make a good save and, including the goal, he scuffed every one of them. Lovely bit of link up with Wilson for the first goal though I suppose. But if he didn’t cost £40m we wouldn’t even be talking about him as that’s the only reason he’s getting games
  5. He’s absolutely tragic like. He’s so ‘happy’ about things his first instinct on a Friday night is to head to Twitter looking for bites.
  6. It’s been that shite I had to turn the commentary down and put some tunes on as well
  7. Smash and grab. Wonderful finish by Big Joe as well
  8. They’re so fucking childish
  9. The combination of most people being in tier 3 and the 5 day Xmas relaxation of the rules is a recipe for disaster like. Especially when you factor in people who won’t understand the households having to be mutually exclusive then the people who’ll just take the piss
  10. @trophyshy @PaddockLad Sorry to hear that, lads
  11. A widely used vaccine that’s 90% effective for under 55s would stop a lot of transmission though. Obviously they aren’t the group most at risk but fortunately there are other options out there for them.
  12. When I had mine done and she had both hands inside my mouth it reminded me of a scene from some film I can’t quite place
  13. I think the whole strategy from the get go has been focussed around London
  14. You can imagine what town will be like in tier 3. All non-essential shops being allowed to open in the run up to Xmas. They’ll be fucking heaving because people will have nothing else to do. It’s ridiculous
  15. I always thought he made a right meal of the West Germany / Paul Parker deflected goal on the 1990 semi too
  16. The weirdest thing about the hand of god, more than the officials missing it, is the back pass by Steve Hodge that set it up. To this day I’ve no idea what the fuck he thought he was doing
  17. There was some MP a while back going on about how several food items in a supermarket could be cheaper / tariff free once we left the EU and it was pointed out that for each one the EU already had a free trade deal with the country of origin.
  18. His signing for Sunderland is imminent. I remember him being linked with Leeds ages ago (when he was still at Barca I think) but presumably that was just tabloid bollocks or some attempt to generate publicity.
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