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  1. I’ve a mate lives in forest hall who’s a big vinyl collector who has a juke box. He likes a lot of different stuff but in particular northern soul. A few year back all the Motown singles were released on 7” in box sets by year. From about ‘64 onwards until the late 60s just about every single one is a stone cold classic. The label’s output was absolutely incredible. I think Paul McCartney was saying one time how when the Beatles were at their peak the stuff coming out of Motown (rather than the Beach Boys or the Stones) was what they considered to rival them / inspire them to be even better
  2. I used to love Wonder Woman. Despite not really being able to remember anything except Linda Carter I think she had a lasso that could make you tell the truth and bracelets that could deflect bullets? I think just about anyone who had a thing for women fancied her back then though
  3. Did anyone see the story about Yarm getting £20m as part of the levelling up agenda. Fucking Yarm! A posh little market town while nearby there’s some of the most deprived areas in the country. I fucking hate these cunts
  4. It’s a daily newspaper dedicated to sport and about 3/4 of it is football-related. So lots and lots of speculation, especially at this time of year.
  5. Iirc we buy very little gas from Russia and France has seen a 4% rise after the government intervened. Meanwhile the energy companies post massive profits. Labour’s fault
  6. neither of them have a thing to offer, do they? Bar more lies
  7. I obviously don’t know your mam but I suspect a lot of the reasons for the way she’s reacting is because of the other stuff she’s been through recently. It’s not what you need and it’s not what you want now of course. I’m not defending it but try not to take it too personally is all I mean. I hope you can sort things out with her and your wife. Best wishes as ever. Feel free to pm me any time and the offer to go walking is still there once you’re feeling up to it
  8. I rate him as our most important attacking player. I think we probably got him because he’s a bit injury-prone and it was clear we desperately needed a centre forward. The other factor is the bizarre way Ashley operated. A competent manager who was not a yes man and made demands of the owner got scraps to live off. Whereas a fucking hopeless yes man got (comparatively) loads to spend. It was always hard to read Ashley’s actual motivation. But I certainly wouldn’t put it past him to be partly driven by wanting Bruce to do better than his predecessor just to prove he was right and the fans were wrong. He always seemed to want to provoke some reaction even when things were going well. Ashley not having a fucking clue how to run a football club well into his second decade owning one was also a factor
  9. Basically seems to be that we could spend more but it would impact our ability to do so later. An area we’d need to vastly increase our spending to really compete at the top table would be wages. A big factor in our spending being curtailed is the legacy of Ashley and our revenue streams being so low 15th in the PL. The recent shirt sleeve deal with Noon.com (which seems to have met the market value criteria) raises almost as much p.a. as the actual main deal with Fun88 which shows how poor a deal that is, for example.
  10. I don’t know. All he seems to have is pace, power, movement and the ability to finish. As well as playing in a side that creates lots of chances
  11. Hope the poor Man Utd fans can soon get used to being patronised in the way they’ve done to most other fans for the past 30 odd years
  12. Inaccuracy of the last one ruined it for me
  13. I would’ve taken him on loan and tend to think he’d have done well last season. But I wouldn’t touch him on that sort of money. I doubt it’ll do much for team spirit either if he continues to earn 10x more than his teammates for doing next to fuck all.
  14. It can look a bit like we’re missing out on loads of targets but I’m not convinced there’s that many we’re in for (or have been). Obviously there’s the kid who went to PSG and Maddison seems to have been the subject of a genuine bid but there’s loads of speculation. Then we’ve got the lad who was registering his kids at a local school to be announced too
  15. Their very early psychedelic rock effort Pictures of Matchstick Men was canny
  16. Mate, like SpongeBob says, hang the fuck in there. You’ll feel at rock bottom now but there is a route back from this. The sobriety before now was a massive achievement, even if it doesn’t feel like it at present. You’re a lot stronger than you think
  17. Made myself a Manhattan with ingredients (bitters apart) purchased entirely at Lidl. Quite nice actually
  18. Aye, I remember it being lime as a kid. Not sure if it was always lemon and lime though and I just associate it with the Rose’s lime cordial and never realised it had lemon in too. Proper fucking fascinating mystery this like. Pisses all over Wagatha Christie
  19. Of course the wokey snowflakes have seen to it that Paddington Bear is now on the Robertson’s jars instead of the golliwog
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