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  1. Just had a look on there. The latest insult appears to be Newcasoil and we’re all kicking off because the press have now turned on us after previously universally heaping constant praise on our fan base. Not sure how the criticism ties in with the magedia conspiracy like
  2. At least a couple of threads on there about yesterday’s ref being a mag too
  3. There’ll be about as much outrage as there’ll be journalists boycotting the World Cup there
  4. I’ve read that twice and I still think it’s a bad idea
  5. So that’s how it works. Fair play to him like but I couldn’t sit through that if I wasn’t doing something else at the same time
  6. It’s surprising given it’s a country with a small population that’s almost as far away as it’s possible to be unless you leave the planet
  7. Haggerston Castle is shit like. That’s my take
  8. what he says is spot on tbf. I mean it’s slightly verbose given he could’ve said all that in about 5 minutes lots of it is basically what we’ve all been saying but he particularly nails it in relation to Bruce acting like a bairn in the press conferences and how undignified it was.
  9. Please don’t besmirch the good name of The Raby.
  10. Seems to take lots of holidays during the season for a football correspondent. It’s almost like he’s absolutely full of shit
  11. This plan b, which hardly constitutes a plan. Just how shitty do things need to get before it’s implemented? It’s just asking people to wear masks and work from home isn’t it? There was no need to end the mandatory wearing of masks in public places anyway (except to appease morons). And like NJS alludes to, even when it was mandatory no one challenged it anyway. Rising cases, rising hospitalisations and 150-200 deaths a day and we’re not even into winter yet. You’d think any measures, even more lockdowns, would be relatively ineffective now anyway because of the inevitable lack of compliance
  12. I was clearly doing it wrong when I was getting about £75 a week
  13. He had to get that onto his cv to keep his job at The Spectator
  14. It’s pretty much on the money like. As Howay was saying earlier, rather than being someone out of his depth who gave it his best shot, he did as little as he could get away with.
  15. Popularism. Most football fans are against the takeover, most don’t support NUFC. That’s it. You’re right though, it’s s fucking joke
  16. It’s normally Scandinavians wearing the Viking helmets and Scots wearing the kilts though
  17. I’m not saying for one minute Lascelles is a world beater but look at him under Benitez. There was talk about him being called up for England and he was linked with Champions League clubs. He talked about how the manager would have little chats with him on an almost daily basis about little things he could do to improve his game. Under Bruce he’s gone backwards, massively so. I pick on Lascelles in because it sums up the ‘development’, or rather lack of, of players under Bruce. But also, you would at least think an old skool manager, who was a very good centre-half would at least be able to dr
  18. I guess the truth hurts. Except it’s only half true. People didn’t want him to fail, they just expected it. Also, the fans weren’t even in attendance for a lot of the matches so he can’t blame them. Also, when they were there at the start many were definitely in the ‘we need to at least give him a chance camp’. It’s the constant digs at the press, the fans and Benitez, plus the arse-licking of the owner etc that didn’t help. But most of all the performances weren’t good enough and he didn’t come close to getting the most out of the squad
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