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  1. Transfer gossip 2019/20

    Pele’s one. The other is Maradona
  2. Only in America

    It’s going to be hard weaning people off their 4 handguns a month habit
  3. Politics

    It’s almost like they won’t deliver on their promises
  4. The Cricket Thread

    Such a difference getting that big first innings score
  5. Oxford

    Going to this so Oxford definitely in with a decent chance
  6. Politics

    Well yeah, it was a rhetorical question really. 8 billion though?
  7. Politics

    And how the fuck has HS2 cost £8billion before construction has even commenced?
  8. Politics

    They’re a canny bit better than the House of Commons, which admittedly isn’t saying a lot.
  9. Bruce Manager of NUFC

    Like an attention-seeking toddler, only less subtle.
  10. Other games 2019/2020

    That’s what’s annoying about our game away to them. Until we gifted them their chances we were at least as good as them. They’ve only won one more game than we have in the league
  11. He’s clearly got something about him. Hard to find consistency when you’re in and out the team.
  12. Europe --- In or Out

    It’s just them lying again. It doesn’t fucking help when the likes of them and the government are completely ignoring how close the result was and the way things have gone since the referendum. There’s not a hint of pragmatism or compromise and it’s all “we won, get over it, everyone knew it was going to be a hard Brexit”. But if they keep repeating it enough...well, you know the rest.
  13. I think that when Almiron, ASM and Joelinton are all fit Bruce understandably wants to play them. But that system as per yesterday just doesn’t work in an attacking sense. We play a sort of 3-4-2-1. On paper it sounds ok but you have the problem I’ve already mention with Shelvey being one of a two in the middle. We tend to get overrun there and can’t control games and have hardly any possession. Also ASM and Almiron get sucked into helping the midfield out and play as almost auxiliary wingbacks. It leaves Joelinton completely isolated (irrespective of how good / bad he is). We had a better shape with Almiron in the middle in an attacking midfield role when we were playing 3-5-2 in some games when ASM wasn’t fit. Obviously Chelsea are a decent side but they weren’t anything special yesterday but we struggled to string two passes together. Even a slight tweak to revert back to that with ASM closer to Joelinton and Almiron in the middle would help I think. I’d play S. Longstaff alongside Hayden behind Almiron
  14. Europe --- In or Out

    So the mongs shout bong? Is that the plan?
  15. The Cricket Thread

    Makes sense not to enforce the follow-on usually as it’s often the only way to give the opposition a chance. Absolutely the correct thing to do here though
  16. Politics

    Especially if the taxi’s driven by an Alf Stewart lookalike in a Panama hat
  17. The Belta Minge thread NSFW

    As if she looks like that, man Probably took a fortnight just to finish airbrushing the legs
  18. Best away fans in the Premier League

    That’s just the trailer
  19. Other games 2019/2020

    Also odd given how shite his dad was
  20. The back 3 are pretty decent but they seem to think they’re better footballers than they actually are
  21. We give the ball away far too much in dangerous positions for me like. Quite lucky not to be punished on more than one occasion.
  22. They let us off the hook though. The lack of intensity from them and they seemed like they were happy with 0-0 with their time wasting. Wonderful advert for the Premier League it was nit though. Shelvey is robbing a fucking living as well. Just floats about doing the odd flick which the halfwits inevitably lap up. If he plays a 5 yard ball half the crowd applauds. We’re so exposed when he’s one of a middle 2.

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