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  1. Well, you wouldn't think so but there he is, actually being allowed to transfer his version of what's akin to a thirteen year old's football diary ramblings into a well respected local newspaper. I thought Anal Oliver was bad but at least he could string a sentence together.
  2. I've changed my mind. I actually like this 'McFaul' fella, anyone with an intense dislike of Lee 'Mong on the Tyne' Ryder is alright by me.
  3. I have spotted at least five grammatical errors in your post. Universities must be dragging the c*nts in with shepherds' crooks these days.
  4. Fucking hell didn't know he was one of them like. Bet him and Savile are getting on like a house on fire.
  5. There are far, far more God-awful areas in Newcastle than there are in Sunderland and you well know it. FACT.
  6. Fucking hell man, I'm not gonna know the exact date ya daft twat, it's over twenty years ago. This 'McFaul' bloke has seemingly moved to the top of the 'RIled' list.
  7. Just noticed I've annoyed them so much they've renamed the thread title in honour of me. Bonus. On a serious note, I am noticing tension in the air. Will there be any shoe-waving should Pardew fail to win his next game? Oh how I long for the days of those 'Sack the board' chants.
  8. Fucking hell, I've never seen so many of the great unwashed this annoyed since I sang a rousing rendition of 'Jackie's dead' in the early nineties whilst strolling through Eldon Square.
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