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  1. a lot of these mackems think the gap is getting closer with us to them as a team because they are 3 points behind us compared to 20 at the end of last season,this season we have been shit in the league and we know that was cos we didn't strengthen in the summer and with the injuries we have had we have looked a very poor team.Now to my point they are looking now like the team we were before the January signings so IMO they aren't closing any gap.
  2. you only recorded one goal and it was their goal it would have been a better video if you got the goals just my opinion
  3. 3 years later and his standard hasn't dropped lol maybe in the next 7 years ?
  4. would loved to have seen him get 30 mins tho
  5. Its strange that half there message board is toon related!
  6. just read this on their so called website.... http://www.readytogo.net/smb/showthread.php?t=766696 they now have threads for our matches.. edit: here is another thread for one of our matches http://www.readytogo...ad.php?t=766556
  7. we had 58% of possesion today woop woop
  8. its only 15 pund a ticket get ya sel there man!! I won't be there as I'm in jail.....
  9. One good touch does not make a player but several bad touches show he's lacking confidence
  10. I seen on more than several occasions balls coming into feet and he was taking a touch and going 2 yds away from him and he didn't get passed on player with the ball from what I seen
  11. for a pro cisse has a terrible first touch and no skill but we don't have anyone else unfortunately. it was a good team performance tho
  12. we have been robbed, a combination of bad defending and an injury. now people will be writing us off again
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