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  1. Not a fan of criket my self. Find it dull and boring. The 20-20 leagues are somewhat better as its a faster paced game but even that is still canny boring like!
  2. Persoanlly I cant stand Wonga and all the other companies that are dodgy. However, Northern Rock where hardly better being bailed out with our tax money. They rely on sales in the form of lans and mortages with mass interest so only slightly better. Same with Virgin Money. I support the club, not the sponsor on the fucking front. Part of the games these days is to get a sponsor that pays the most. Todays football need large cash sums, its they way of the football world these days I'm afraid.
  3. Hatebreed are playing at the O2 in August...for anyone into the heavier variety of music
  4. When I was about 8 or 9 my school was given free tickets to go see Sunderland v Barnsley at Rocker park. That was the fucking stupidest thing I ever did!
  5. 15.1% think we need to focus on defence! If Coloccini does leaves cast a revote and what that number soar.
  6. Hard to say with Summer transfers yet to happen. Who will we loose and who will replace them? Have to wait and see. Do think that will finish top ten/mid table.
  7. Not happy he is being kept but we have to deal with it I guess :-( If we start the season shit then come Christmas I can't see Pardew being manager. I imagine he will have until xmas to prove he is not a totally useless prick.
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