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  1. i think, from what i remember from the brilliant maradona doc, that he was fully blown addict when he won his second title there. it was around the same time that his phone was tapped calling for hookers at 3am.
  2. against my better judgement i'm probably going to have to end up watching this harry and megan thing because no one will STFU about it
  3. comedy dave still has much to learn
  4. led them to their first ever title didn't he? sure, it's a team game and it wasn't all about him but i'd think it's a more spectacular achievement than messi picking up from where ronaldinho left off in a barcelona team that was expected to be competing to win la liga every year. i don't mean to discredit messi or owt, but i've just always had a crush on diego. probably because he was the star of the first world cup i remember watching. the fact he did what he did at napoli with a raging gak habit makes it all the more impressive.
  5. especially as he was wired off his tits for most of it
  6. what maradona achieved at napoli was pretty amazing tbh
  7. I’m surprised Foakes isn’t back in. I guess he might still be suffering with the virus
  8. Can’t think of many other forums where the alpha male is hung like a Chinese mouse - a so-called accountant with a boner for stats.
  9. his mouth is smiling. his eyes are not
  10. can we call it tedious?
  11. Hopefully just the coaching staff being cautious and we haven’t signed another striker made of glass https://twitter.com/craighope_dm/status/1600159215137398784?s=46&t=dBRmjXJRl0h1DdQLWOFWvg
  12. I started following a dad’s jokes twitter account
  13. My wife said she’s leaving me because of my obsession with tennis - and I'm too old. I said: "I'm only 40 love."
  14. i see your clubcall and raise you the ceefax transfer speculation page
  15. anyone remember this? another channel 4 friday night offering from roughly the same era. not one you wanted to watch if you parents were around in case you were caught sporting a junior boner - there were baps galore
  16. i loved it back then. granted i haven't seen it for about 30 years
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