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  1. He could be the missing piece for us. As important a potential signing as Beardsley was for Keegan. A proper playmaker with PL experience and a touch of class. Hope we get him. If not just chalk up Paquetta
  2. I liked the new Batman film’s noir aesthetic. Quite unlike any other superhero film I’ve seen. It was more like a detective story that just happened to feature Batman. It was too long, but so are most films these days.
  3. we knew what we were doing there. Slapped in a fake bid to reel Villa in to signing the next Titus Bramble
  4. I genuinely don’t mind Lascelles in that scenario. as fourth choice CB
  5. Nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh Botman!
  6. Relieved I wore the perv shades in the City on this glorious Friday lunchtime
  7. Broad gets the ball changed then immediately takes a wicket. Shameless shithousery
  8. still think we might get a centre forward (DCL or similar) on top of ekitike as he might be considered more of a wide forward/occasional or back up CF. and if we fail to get ekitike perhaps it's diaby or someone else. i can easily see us spunking north of £100m. good to see us prepared to walk away from deals when agents/clubs try to take the piss though
  9. Tell that to chezgiven’s mate
  10. Monroe Transfer - best username ever; thanks to MF wasn’t it?
  11. then you have the likes of: MancMag, Sweetleftpeg, Kevin S Assileekunt, Happy Face, Wacky Jr, Smooth Operator, Catmag, Adios, Swissmag. Loads more I probably forgot to mention we lost some gooduns
  12. Noelie flounced after being called out for a mildly racist comment iirc
  13. Your man Mick Lynch is on QT later. Might tune in for once
  14. still one of the greatest ever posts on this board
  15. i'd love them to go out and spunk £60m on raphina, mainly just to shut edwards up
  16. fuck me, the medical day vlog. i wonder if he'll remember to include a clip of his dinner time trip to maccy d's again because that's the kind of content creation worth smashing the like button for
  17. whatever happens, it's good craic just having these conversations. last summer's transfer window thread was tumbleweed town.
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