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  1. RT @Bundesliga_GOAL: FEATURE: @achtzehn99's early season form is reminiscent of the club's good old days: http://t.co/gqQi97W6Yc

  2. I've been to ROI a good few times, can I get a trial?

  3. I've been charged with betting on football.

  4. Why is it all First transport services try and force me to carry cash? I have a card. It isn't my fault your machine doesn't work.

  5. Two tickets together for Airdrie. Who wants them?

  6. Never thought I'd hear myself say the words 'Villa' and 'clinical' in the same sentence.

  7. For the first time in forever, my chest (44.5) is bigger than my waist (43) and hips (43). Take that obesity.

  8. In the name of all that is religiously vain, please tell Ally there's no money left!

  9. Winning £125 off a friday night accumulator it's made all the sweeter when Arsenal Sarandi's Caraglio seals it from 40 yards in the 91st :D

  10. This Partick-Hearts game has the standard of a game in League 2 (the real one) at best. Morecambe would more than match either team.

  11. RT @FCUnitedMcr: We've exactly 2,300 co-owners for the new season. Massive thanks for your support. ... http://t.co/4vGI4U4KOm

  12. I forgot how much of a raving homo Kaa from Jungle Book is

  13. Yaaaaas @virginmedia I take it all back. X

  14. Scotland did very well tonight, Miller's goal was superb. Control, body shape, turn and finish - excellent.

  15. How else to prepare for England vs Scotland? At Kelvingrove! "More Than A Game: How Scotland Shaped World Football' exhibition :D

  16. It's amazing what a crazy workout can do for your outlook on life! #stressrelief

  17. RT @CoplandRoadorg: Coming Thursday, sensible Rangers chat with @ofvoid and @JamesyD1 — It's your new 30 minute CROpod Midweek edition!

  18. RT @acciesfc: Any local artists / urban artists? 1 needed to paint new urban wall at back of NDP / ... http://t.co/PqU6HPEHgP

  19. RT @RangersStandard: This, ladies and gentlemen, is what it's all about. Absolutely fantastic from @Gordon_Watson . http://t.co/0qcdSsvgNr

  20. Happy to see @andy_shinnie making a great start to his @BcfcDotCom career. Someone remind McCoist of this before he releases @andymitch8 :/

  21. Zaha is as good as Ronaldo was before Ronny signed for Sporting...

  22. Here @BocaBoca3 a man ('Jimmy Mac') from Overton, Lancashire (UK), is claiming you've heard of him. Set the record straight?! :D

  23. Admin. is coming like I feared (guessing) all summer. We can't afford to waste any more time on picking sides. The Rangers need saving.

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