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  1. think i am going to spend the night with Stella instead, she understands me.
  2. The fullbacks are an ongoing issue, Lowton is still not the finished article and Luna looked very poor today, did not help that we lost Okore but i doubt that had much of an effect on the game. our passing was very poor today.
  3. well done Lads, a very good performance from your lot and a equally poor performance from Villa, Enjoy your weekend and good luck for all but one of you remaining fixtures!
  4. I hope to be saying "i love it when a plan comes together!" come the final whistle.
  5. I have met a fair share of Geordies before and it has been a mixed bag! if i took your mindset i would despise you because of a few minor incidents with some of you Toon army over a banner i never knew about and never agreed with!! Look i am not here to try and change your mind and as this is a Newcastle Forum i suppose i am in your back yard, just trying to break down some barriers you know? BRUMMIE BY BIRTH, ASTON VILLA BY THE GRACE OF GOD
  6. Damn Dude, thats a bit harsh! You see when you start believing stereotypes you lose all credibility! its hard not to take offence as a Born and Bred Brummie.
  7. Our feature goes live tomorrow morning, however, you are more than welcome to pop over and put your point across in our forum! but i have to admit, as the day approaches my fragile confidence is wavering somewhat, hope its just Pre Match Tension!
  8. last year you were the far batter team in the first half, but then were lucky to leave with the points after we outplayed you in the 2nd half! a true game of 2 half's i!!
  9. Lucky i am on a HR Compliance training course.......not much that can go wrong there apart from me falling asleep
  10. this is not just a problem for newcastle this is a problem for most Fans, today there is no solidarity between the clubs supporters and its nigh on impossible for any real sustained veto of the Clubs! the only way to force out owners or make a statement is to not go to games, once a Team plays in front of a near empty stadium for long enough to really harm revenue then owners will continue to do as they wish without any regard for the Fans! #AGAINST MODERN FOOTBALL
  11. i think Gillette and Hicks are looking to invest again!!
  12. this is just not right or fair for NUFC, Ashley needs to be taken out of the picture before he totally destroys your Club Guys! but you know that already i suppose!
  13. This is my personal favorite, from the 82 season
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