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  1. mackem messageboard gold

    What a day this has turned out to be, However! Donald and his stripper missus along with slick back Charlie still expect to receive a profit for this basket case of a club. Sad state of affairs but still struggle not to laugh.
  2. Oculus Rift/Project Morpheus

    Had my first play through on a Vive and it far surpasses the Rift IMO. The YouTube videos don't give it justice.
  3. David Bowie

    Absolute shame, fantastic music. One of my earliest memories is watching Labyrinth.
  4. Jonjo Shelvey

    I believe he'd be a good signing. Clears the way for Tiote to go to China.
  5. Watford v Newcastle / FA Cup / 9th Jan / 3pm

    Well there we go.
  6. Watford v Newcastle / FA Cup / 9th Jan / 3pm

    I wouldn't be surprised if that was the case. It's a sad state of affairs but not having the distraction of cup games right now would serve us well considering our current predicament. Don't get me wrong I'm extremely fond of the FA Cup but it's a competition we could do without at this present moment.
  7. Watford v Newcastle / FA Cup / 9th Jan / 3pm

    With where we sit in the Premier League I wouldn't be too bothered if we went out. Saying that I wouldn't be surprised if Watford field a weakened team and we pull off a result. 3-0 Watford / 1-0 Toon
  8. Oculus Rift/Project Morpheus

    Very much looking forward to this, Q1 2016 is the predicted release date of the retail version. The PC requuirements could cause a stumbling block for many people though..
  9. Destiny

    POE bores me, Bungie screwed up not adding a raid with How (Although it "wasn't ready") its so easy to get to 34 now an before it felt a proper grind. Ive done over 160 raids but still enjoy them tbh, still not got a Ghorn either.....day one player lol
  10. Destiny

    Been playing this game non stop since day 1, anyone need someone to add to their fire team for raids etc add me. xbox one GT = toby13fish
  11. Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa

    I'm sure after the last week with the Remy affair we won't be getting our hopes up with this but this guy is a real quality player and if we manage to sign him up I'd be very happy. This would take the edge of Colo going in my opinion. 23 years old and can play all along the back but prefers the central role. Sources on twitter claim that Sky Sports news reckon we've agreed a fee.
  12. Borderlands 2

    Game.co.uk have this for a 2012 release. Can't wait! There are a couple pics about too.
  13. Suarez a racist

    8 match ban and a £40000 fine. What a scum bag. Should be banned by the FA IMO and not allowed to play in this country.
  14. Luuk De Jong

    Good deal this on loan. Potentialy could be another Van Wolfswinkel at Norwich, lots of promise but not Premier League standard. I'm sure we have a deal in place and a figure ££ to sign him permanently in the summer if it works out ok.
  15. Newcastle Vs Cardiff

    Just made the 7 hr trip For this so hopefully get a good result!
  16. Dying Light

    Looks really good
  17. The No. 10.

    If he stays injury free this could be the season he really announces himself to the rest of Europe. Obviously playing for the World Cup next year but could also be the last season he is with us. Played blinders recently!
  18. Summer Transfers 2013

    We looked good last 20 mins against Fulham an Remy looked good when he came on. Although we really do need a striker I still worry about cover at the back, I like Taylor an his passion for the shirt is second to none but he really isn't that good. We just rely on cisse an amoebi though, Shola has looked good though an I think if we sign someone early he could be off as he wants to be at a World Cup next year.
  19. Newcastle Utd - Fulham

    Very confident about today an looking forward to see how Remy fits in. Can see goufran being pushed back (not sure how effective he'd be in a deeper midfield role though) Ben arfa, Remy an cisse is mouth watering.
  20. Summer Transfers 2013

    Spurs are one club which really are showing ambition. Go back a few years an I would say we were on par with them. Although there are good points to what Ashely has done to the club I think he should look at Levy and take on board some of the things he is doing. They have spent 105 million and when you look at the new tv money now in the Premier League it's not a massive gamble...of course Bale going for 80 plus million is a help too.
  21. Summer Transfers 2013

    No way Ba would come back. Not after six months.
  22. Manchester City v Newcastle

    Don't worry not long till May.
  23. Yohan Cabaye

    Oh yeah lol. Can't say I'm at all surprised with this.
  24. New Strips?

    Flashes of potential third kit around the net atm, dunno if it's been put on here but I like it.

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