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  1. Nice game, wonderful Anita, nice Remy, and really stable defence out there, i can't remember when was the last time i was pleased with our guardians What a nice game!
  2. After that game they can call us "Slow Mo" Newcastle or Newcastle Hope Givers. We were talking with a frend before the game and he said: "I think you're going to lose", "Why is that" i asked and he said "Because they are at the bottom of the table and you are Newcastle, usually you lose games like this.". "True, true" i said.
  3. I'm calm, we're going to rape them, exact score 2-5
  4. Cause Cardiff come from Championship, i'm pretty sure we're going to loose this one...
  5. Don't play Debushy and Santon and Cap.Colo pls...these three are disaster
  6. Ops, i ment Assley, my mistake...
  7. Yes, under Asley we'll never get a real football mastermind, also, i see no passion, no motivation, no self-development ambition in most of the players. If i ask Tiote, Cheik, do you think you're a good player, and if the answer is "yes", then i'll ask him, so you think you can compare with Xabi Alonso and Yaya Toure...because in comparison to them you're nothing but a clown, same i can ask all of NUFC players, exept Benny, Krul, Anita and one or two more names...ok your Boss sucks, your owner sucks, your director sucks a lot, so what you do you do to improve your qualities and leave this sin
  8. Ours are "full behind their backs"
  9. I don't know where to start...ok then, weak manager, weak defence, some midfield (like a "rainbow club in amsterdam"), some offence (like ricky hatton against manny pacquiao)...the most important thing is that since the departure of Nolan and Barton i don't see any men in the team, even among our defenders there are no men, only some pussies, and the biggest of them all is Pards - big words, no deeds, lots of exueses. For Everton it was like a walk in the park, for us...we can't even stand on our feet, what about walking in the park...weak weak N United
  10. Tough game it will be, a draw i see.
  11. One evening my dad was watching football, the match was Newcastle - Lester 4-3, i was really exited i remember, and since then i am a fan. Love from the first sight, but i don't want to go poetic on it.Or maybe it's because the firs name that pops up in my head when the word football is pronounced is Newcastle.
  12. you know, for me Newcastle United and positive, for the last 8-9 years, are not quite compatible words, it's like if your wife is, you know...easy(no vulgar words ), everybody Fornicates Under the Command of the King her, but it's ok with you, cause you love her too much and can't let her go...so i'm sick of it, sick of the "three named bad guy" that kills our team, kills the ideal of Newcastle United Champions, i speak about MA JfK , AP, and i say that NUFC fans deserve to great Champions, not doormats...sorry i've been like that since "Big" Sam was in charge...
  13. I'm not surprised, not at all, we must stop thinking the we actually got a manager, cause we don't, thad dumb ass Pardew can't be assistant manager, what about chief manager...
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