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  1. If we end up with Owen and Luque, will you......

    Much as I would love Owen to sign for Newcastle I am watching Rick Parry on Sky Sports and it seems pretty certain Liverpool will sign Owen.
  2. NUFC V Bolton

    It is not entirely FF's fault we have so few players - it was Souness who fell out with Bellamy and Robert.
  3. NUFC V Bolton

    Don't think Owen will fancy a relegation battle above Champions League football!
  4. Local journalist tells it how it is

    Players that Souness couldn't get to play for him - Robert, Bellamy, Kluivert, Dwight Yorke, Richard Dunne etc etc As far as transfer targets go I think it is a combination of not wanting to play for Souness who does not have anything like the international reputation of Robson, the fact the club is always in the media for the wrong reasons, our lowly league position last season (likely to be even lower in the coming one), not being in Europe etc It has always been harder to attract players to the North and you need a manager like Robson or Keegan, European football and to look like the club is going somewhere to make us stand out from the rest and attract people. At the moment it seems the only players who will come are the ones who are more money orientated i.e. we were the only ones prepared to match Parkers wages at Chelsea and to pay Emre the £60,000 a week he wanted.
  5. One day, one morning, soon

    you mean lost the championship with Hartlepool? i wouldn't want Newell anywhere near my club, why do you think Ken Hodcrofft got rid of him? although i'm sure Dyer would enjoy his boozing antics... when he was at Pools he -turned up half pissed for the team bus -involved in several fights while out on the town -barred from nearly all boozers in the town -had an affair hmmm sets a great example for the players 9575[/snapback] I didn't say that I wanted him as Manager but that if Shearer doesn't want the job then given his influence in the club and the probable lack of other candidates I think Shearer might put in a good word for him with Freddie.
  6. One day, one morning, soon

    Now that Souness has started to criticize Shepherd for not signing enough players I don't think it will be long until he is on his way. It is unlikey any big name manager will want to replace him now he has got rid of all our best players so I think Shepherd will have to go for a young manager with something to prove. My prediction if Shearer won't take the job is his best mate Mike Newell - promotion with Hartlepool and Luton and a winning start to the Championship season.

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