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  1. Liverpool (A)

    I wouldn't book anything yet (unless it is cancellable) as the match might get changed if us (unlikely) or more likely Liverpool are still in the FA cup. The best area to stay is probably the Albert Dock but you might have trouble booking anywhere - I tried to book months ago and all the cheaper hotels e.g. Premier Inn, Holiday Inn etc were already full. The reservation ended up being much more than usual but can at least be cancelled without charge.
  2. The day you became a mag.

    My Mam would only let my Dad go to the match if he took me with him to give her a break so I have been going for as long as I can remember.
  3. 24 hour pubs in the the area?

    Apparently the pub that used to be Lennons is showing it but I don't think I'd fancy watching it there!
  4. Walker Nativity

    It has been going round our office as a Mackem nativity!
  5. Metro Centre

    I thought Newcastle was suprisingly quiet today compared to a week day - for the last month it has been impossible to do anything in a lunchtime, except go to the Northern Rock, as it has been so busy!
  6. The season ticket pre-payment thingy

    They still haven't taken any payments off me despite the fact I signed up in August. When no payment had been taken by the end of last month I went in the box office and they said they hadn't received my direct debit form (despite the fact I completed it in the box office and gave it straight to them) so I had to fill in another one which I again gave straight to them. If they don't hurry up and take it I might just cancel it as it certainly doesn't look like I'll be getting any free European tickets next season!
  7. McClaren Sacked

    The FA should be sacked for giving Mclaren that contract in the first place (instead of one like Nigel Wothingthon's which expired at the end of the qualification), appointing him in the first place and wasting a fortune on Wembley maening ridiculous decisions like having to try and get income by American Football games and thereby ruining the pitch. Hopefully they might now appoint Allardyce and Newcastle will get Mourinhio!
  8. Preston unveil Irvine as new boss

    IMO Newcastle's form started to go downhill when Irvine left for Everton.
  9. Christmas Shopping.

    I've been quite organised and bought a few when there have been offers on such as half price NUFC shirts for my nephew and money off in Whsmith. I am planning to do some more in London when I am down for the Fulham match.
  10. Sam back in for Ben Haim

    I thought there was a rule that players weren't supposed to transfer teams twice in a league in one season and we only got round that with Boumsong because he came from a Scottish league. However, I think Liverpool found some way around it when they bought Mascharano (or however you spelt it) from West Ham so no doubt we can could up with some excuse.
  11. Christmas decorations

    The Swallow hotel on Jesmond Road has had them up for months and Fenwicks window and Eldon Square have both had them up a couple of weeks now.
  12. Does anyone remember the Triffids?

    I have been trying to think of some songs by them and by colleague has been singing one called "Bury Me Deep In Love" but it didn't ring any bells! I had nightmares about the Triffid's TV show!
  13. Does anyone remember the Triffids?

    I think I might have a couple of singles by them somewhere but sadly have nothing to play any of my old vinyl on (I still prefer it to CD nevermind MP3!)
  14. Pension

    I think it depends on the scheme rules but it is only usually possible to take it out if you have been a member less than 2 years.
  15. NatWest on-line banking card reader

    I received one from Royal Bank Of Scotland a few months ago but have never been asked to use it yet despite using online banking nearly every day!
  16. Sunderland Away

    So did my rejection letter!
  17. Sunderland Away

    Doesn't look like anything has been debited from mine so I guess I haven't got a ticket again!
  18. who intends to go to the SOS

    I used to go to them all but for the last few seasons only about 5-6 a season.
  19. who intends to go to the SOS

    I've applied - doubt I'll get tickets though as I usually get knocked back for Sunderland (but manage to get all the others!)
  20. Choose the St James's Park run-out anthem

    There hasn't been a queue at our turnstiles at all this season so I thought the swipe card system must be working quite well.
  21. Choose the St James's Park run-out anthem

    I used to love hearing that song when I was at the match as a kid, even though I got half the lyrics wrong! I bought an NUFC CD that was supposed to be a present last year and ended up keeping the CD just for that song. Call me a sentamentalist but I hope they bring back local hero and brass bands at half time!
  22. Complaints to the Box Office

    I find that the best way to deal with the box office is to go in if you can. When I signed up for the new free cup ticket scheme they sent me a ticket on my old application as well and I was worried about being charged twice. They said I could either cancel the cheque which I did or they would post a refund which they also did, but since they hadn't taken the money I sent this back. Other than that I have never had any problems with the box office (except they keep saying there are no season tickets in the East Stand which doesn't seem to be true whenever I ask to move there!). I think they have a difficult job as they only seem to find out about things at the last minute such as the season ticket renewal thing and seemed to be really understaffed until recently when I think they have taken a lot of new people on.
  23. International matches

    I didn't used to mind England but when I went to a couple of matches especially the Turkey one the fans totally put me off. That and the media hype. Now I just tend to watch internationals with Newcastle players in (which doesn't include Owen as he has played so little he hardly seems like an NUFC player).
  24. This Place

    I think the problem is too many public service employers such as the NHS and Councils are stamping down on internet usage at work with a number of people being dismissed and suspended and those of us who have proper jobs hardly have time to post at work! As far as NUFC goes most of us know we are on a long and winding road to recovery so there isn't a great deal to complain about.
  25. Newcastle Vs Arsenal AWAY!!!!

    You can book with the Back Page until today for their buses.

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