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  1. Book recommendations?

    Apparently the Alan Shearer autobiography is coming out this month - that should be interesting!
  2. European Championship Qualification

    I would like to see Scotland and Northern Ireland qualify but not England just because the England obessed media would then have to give them a mention (and to avoid any further Owen injuries)!
  3. Solano tribute to Toon Army

    So he wouldn't have a problem living in Newcastle to manage or coach?
  4. Chelski advertising seats...........

    Have you heard all our adverts on Century? Not to mention the fact they have put 3 sets of home tickets on general sale at the same time which is a bit unusual.
  5. Club tours

    If you go for Sunday lunch you get a free tour and the food is actually quite good!
  6. Open University.

    I am just about to start a Masters degree by Distance Learning. I have to attend teaching days every couple of months and the rest is up to me - I have to say I am a bit worried about forcing myself to sit down and do the work even though it is something I have chosen to do and am interested in.
  7. Online ticket sales

    I think you can only request your own ticket until they go on general sale then you can buy extra ones.
  8. Buy NEXT season's ticket!

    Thats great for us not in Newcastle.... I am sure they will post one out to you if you phone and ask! I'm sure they will too, but surely it would make sense just to post it out automatically as they will have people calling from allover. Just been on and was 10th in a queue so have left it just now. Also with us having to get it posted today there is very little chance we can have it sorted for Weds game. I was in the box office at lunchtime to renew mine and there was a huge queue. Some staff were handing out the forms and others said you had to pay the 10% deposit to get one. They don't need to post anything out to you once you have filled in the form as they just automatically update your smartcard so you should be fine although they said if the form was after the weekend you might not get your own seat. Apparently even if you are sitting in another area of the ground they can just put this on your smart card.
  9. Buy NEXT season's ticket!

    Thats great for us not in Newcastle.... I am sure they will post one out to you if you phone and ask!
  10. Today's slanderous rumour

    I heard an interview with Alan Brazil and Sir Bobby on Talksport last week and whilst he didn't sound well he said he was having chemotherapy which he hoped would give him a few more years. Fingers crossed for him.
  11. season ticket

    I have been told by the box office that you can't get Season tickets in the Platinum Club as the people there bought bonds which cost about £10,000 which entitles them to the tickets or to sell them on. There isn't even any kind of waiting list. I tried to move to the East Stand where I used to sit with my Dad instead in the Summer but was told there weren't 2 tickets together and instead got moved down a level in the Sir John Hall Stand. Last week I got soaked despite being well under the roof. I wish I had stayed where I was and just hope it doesn't rain too much this season!
  12. Thinking of subscribing to Setanta...

    I get it free on Virgin and think it is fine so far. I'm not into golf but if you are there is a lot of that on too.
  13. The Toon Ultras

    The smell when they took their "shoes off if you love the toon" at the Bolton match almost made me faint.
  14. The Ticket Office are SHITE!

    Mine had arrived when I got back from work.
  15. The Ticket Office are SHITE!

    We sent our applications in the same envelope and payment was taken off the same card but only one has arrived. We asked to move and our applications were handed in straight away and dealt with first of the people asking to move yet we were told categorically there were no seats available in the East Stand where we wanted to move and yet know people who moved there. Luckily we applied for Bolton tickets using membership numbers and these have arrived.
  16. End of an Era

    Open plan doesn't stop our staff spending half the day on e-bay! Of course I only post from work before 9am or in my lunch hour. I'm sure you'll find a way even if you just restrict posting to non working times so you don't feel too guilty!
  17. The food is definately better in The Platinum Club.
  18. Austrians

    Isegrim speaks very highly of them!
  19. Today's Early News

    There were talking about Keegan coming back as Director of Football on Talksport earlier this morning. I am just about to read the Sunday Sun and see if there is anything about it in there.
  20. Nearly as good as St james!!!

    Might have gone if I'd known about the match in time - the new PR person isn't doing too good a job of publicising the fixtures!
  21. setanta tonight

    It is free so long as you have their XL TV package (which they gave us with the price reduction when we lost Sky One and SSN).
  22. setanta tonight

    Well Virgin lived up to their promise and Setanta 1&2 along with Rangers and Celtic TV have appeared. I think they are showing repeats of the match tonight.
  23. You know you're getting old when...

    Most of the NUFC players are younger than you.
  24. Panic Stations at Smooth Operator Towers

    I wish mine had arrived before tonight so I could check out where I have been moved to. I wanted to move to the East Stand but they reckoned there weren't any seats there although I think somehow Gemill managed it! I thought the post was on strike today but then I saw the postman this morning. I didn't get any mail at work though.
  25. setanta tonight

    I'm going to the match so I'm not too bothered but have you checked that the channels are actually working as last time I tried to get one of the UEFA matches on Setanta there was a problem? I also have the Virgin XL!

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