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  1. Was on the 3 legends on Friday night

    Hardly a legend even by Mackem standards, was he in their '73 cup winning team or something? I phoned once years ago and Macdonald didn't have a clue what he was talking about - Eric gates had a better idea and he is a big miss to the show.
  2. Owen Crocked Again

    Out for the Carlisle and Celtic friendles!
  3. Is this place dying a death?

    What the board needs is the return of Leazes Mag to stir up a few arguments! With everything that has happened recently - new manager, board, the Toon raid etc the place should be buzzing but it is definately too quiet.
  4. Cancer Research

    I did the 5K race in Newcastle on Sunday. Unfortunately I did no training at all and my legs are very stiff today!
  5. Just phoned the ticket office

    Aye but presently you don't have to be a member to buy tickets. But you get priority before tickets go on general sale which is what you want. Here's the link if you want it SG. http://www.nufc.premiumtv.co.uk/page/Membe...,,10278,00.html Sunderland the other season they didn't get priority, it was a queue up overnight job for 3000 tickets. That's down to the mismanagement of the ticket office then, it says priority will be given before it goes on general sale so that's what you'd expect from joining. Best to give them a ring SG and have a chat with them about it, if you're stuck for away tickets then post what ticket you're looking for in the ticket forum on Newcastle-Online and someone will sell you one if they have one spare. For cup matches they let members apply the same time as season ticket holders and deal with the applications straight after. I don't think there are any priority arrangements at the momemnt for other games. Back in the Keegan days if you were a member but not season ticket holder you got a chance to apply earlier for league games and if they were oversubscribed there was a draw between members. I think the Premier League rules say the club now has to offer about 5% of tickets for general sale although this could probably be restricted to sale to members of the club wanted to do so.
  6. Just phoned the ticket office

    When I was in the box ofice the other day buying my friendly tickets there was a woman in front of me complaining because despite having handed in her renewal at the box office before the deadline they hadn't taken her money and she was told they had sold her season ticket to someone else. There seemed to be very few alternative tickets they were able to offer her as she was elderly and not very mobile so it is probably true there aren't many left. I wanted to move to the East Stand but there were apparently no seats free there to move to even though my request was one of the first to be dealt with (although I did miss an earlier call from them in the morning).
  7. Season ticket renewals

    Aye. Moved from Leazes Level 7 to the Gallowgate Sounds good but won't use miss the Toon Ultras?!
  8. Season ticket renewals

    Officially there is a waiting list but if you aren't fussy about where you sit and only want one ticket then you can get them.
  9. Season ticket renewals

    Did you get a move to where you wanted?
  10. Season ticket renewals

    The box office started to deal with people who wanted to move last week and apparently are still doing so this week as a really high number of people asked to move. I wanted to move to the East Stand but was unable to get 2 tickets together there. Apparently they aren't starting to do the friendly tickets until they have finished the season tickets.
  11. FAO Craig and Meenzer

    Soopafan tbh. I might just take you up on that. Come down and do a bit of christmas shopping and do the Fulham game. You can doss at mine. I thought you lived in France (and despite being the fith best club in the Premier League we aren't in Europe)? Place in London too. Ah - a Robbie Fowler style investor!
  12. FAO Craig and Meenzer

    Soopafan tbh. I might just take you up on that. Come down and do a bit of christmas shopping and do the Fulham game. You can doss at mine. I thought you lived in France (and despite being the fith best club in the Premier League we aren't in Europe)?
  13. Offer Documents sent out tonight

    Mine came in Saturday morning's post.
  14. Ashley ready to splash out on Newcastle

    It is taken from the offer document for the shares. I got one this morning along with copies of the last 2 years annual reports and various other stuff. 101 pence is still 50p short of the original share price which season ticket holders who "wanted to own a part of their club" paid.
  15. SSN all about us this afternoon

    Full price plus a bit extra to Mr McKay.
  16. Ramos tipped to manage Man City

    Me too in some ways. If you are looking to be successful and strive for the very top then Ramos would be a better choice. There is a lot of work to do to get anywhere near there though and if we have a limited budget etc Allardyce might be the man to at least get us back as top 6 challengers. I can see him winning us a Carling cup or something eventually but not the Premiership or Champions League which Ramos might be capable of doing (probably not with Citeh though).
  17. Season Tickets

    I was told by the box office that there are single seats in all areas but if you want 2 together then there is very limited availability.
  18. Season Tickets

    It's all yours if you want it, in the Gallowgate about 20-25 rows back, canny seat like and cheaper too 485 I think. I am fairly sure that you can buy single season tickets in your own name direct from the box office although it is more difficult if you want seats together to get them in a decent area.
  19. Setanta Sports for £5 a month for 3 months

    It doesn't matter - a lot of people won't want or be able to shell out for both so they will be competing for subscribers. Virgin are really pushing Setanta after their fallout with Sky and apparently are looking for some sort of link up.
  20. Doesn't it strike anyone as odd?

    I think last year things were complicated by the England vacancy which Big Sam definately wanted. If Shepherd had waited until that was sorted out before appointing a new manager there would have been a lot more candidates.
  21. Well I say let's all..........

    Well would you turn down the offer? Whilst it may have been sensible to turn down THE poisoned chalice of English football, equally a chance like that doesn't come around very often. Also if he's resigned and not been sacked, not sure he'll be getting a huge pay off (he was only on a 1 year rolling contract anyway). I never said he was just after cash but reports are his payoff was 1 million and if he loves the club as he says he could have just refused it like Gullit. Utter bollocks as usual, he was clearly sacked. Heh I notice you don't deny the rest. Well I wouldn't be surprise to have seen FFS saying something like "we won't be needing you next season, but you can stay on till then" and so he resigned. But if he was just after cash (as suggested) then he surely wouldn't have done?
  22. Setanta Sports for £5 a month for 3 months

    I agree - you will be paying £15 a month by the time the season starts. Sky said there will be no more pay per view matches next season and I think there will be real competition between them and some good deals available at the start of the season.
  23. FAO: Leazes Mag

    Martin O'Neill was premiership manager of the month. Things seem to be starting to come together and after steady progress this year I reckon they will be challenging for Europe next season. I think the middle of the Premiership will be a lot more competitive next year.
  24. Well I say let's all..........

    When he took over as cartaker manager he said he didn't want the job and should have stuck to that because he was never up to it. He would still have had a job at the Academy. It is hard to feel sorry for someone taking a million pound payoff from the club.
  25. Alan Oliver

    I think you will find that is a different Neil McDonald. The former Newcastle player is manager of Carlisle and very nearly got them to the playoffs. Alan Oliver was talking complete rubbish - "Roeder very nearly got to the semi final of the UEFA cup!"

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