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  1. Roeder rules out Sol bid

    It was Roeder's mate Oliver who was saying "Sol approached Newcastle last week because his girlfriend's from Newcastle" in response to Redknapp who talks much more sense saying there was no way Sol was leaving Portsmouth.
  2. Was Alan Ball still Portsmouth manager then?
  3. Roeder: Gobb-shite

    If I recall correctly the article then goes on to mention how he was responsible for Joe Cole and Michael Carrick's success!
  4. "Sack the Board"?

    I think there are alot of people who probably feel exactly the same way but feel like they'll be shouted down if they start a chant after a 0-0 against the champions. If we want anything to be done a properly organised group needs to be set up, one that isn't ran by the Toon Ultra's or HTT. A few years ago we wouldn't have regarded a home draw with Chelsea as a good result. We might not have their money but with a decent Chairman and management we should have been somewhere up there.
  5. Butt eyes Toon stay

    I think he tried extra hard yesterday to help out his old pals!
  6. Ronaldo in double award scoop

    this pic just deserves another slagging UGLY TWAT! Do they have some arrogancy gene in Portugal? I was just watching the awards on Sky and Ronaldo was on stage with his hands in his pockets, pulling faces whilst Ferguson was giving him the award and when they asked him which players he likes watching he said himself! (he did say later he was joking)
  7. Charvas

    I agree - they were infinintely preferable.
  8. Charvas

    Just got back from my lunch break and I passed at least 10 charvas spitting in the street - since when did that become acceptable behaviour? Another group were intimidating an elderly man by Haymarket metro (I think he asked them to move so he could get past). On a sunny day it is even worse as they have taken over from the Goths outside Eldon Garden. It really drags the city down.
  9. Anyone orderd a new home shirt ?

    I wish I was brave enough to make a protest by not renewing my season ticket but as I can't quite bring myself to give it up I will continue my boycott of other club merchandise, porgrammes etc. It is hard to forget FF and Dougie Hall's comments about the shirts anyway.
  10. Michael Owen has put his house up for sale

    Maybe I'll have a look round and put in an offer!
  11. last home game of the season

    I think it will be like the good old days and they won't bother coming out.
  12. Disgrace

    If by any miracle we actually get to a semi in the next 10 years then of course us (or the Boro or Mackems or any other Northern team) will be travelling to Wembley as they need the money to finance the stadium.
  13. Almost party time for Roeder

    Looks like it will be 7th, 14 or 15th followed by relegation.
  14. Season Tickets renewal

    I have absolutely no optimism about next season either unless we get rid of Roeder. I wish I could make a stand and hit Shepherd in the pocket but I'll still renew because even though I don't enjoy matches anymore I hate missing them. A couple of people at work have said they aren't renewing though - one has four tickets at the moment for him, his wife and 2 kids but apparently the kids virtually refuse to go as it is so boring so he is just going to go himself to certain matches.
  15. Sheff Utd

    If he rings the box office and tells them his membership number they will let him know if he got a ticket.
  16. Redevelopment

    Literally. He's not chairman any more though. Apparently they are not allowed to fill it as there are insufficient parking facilities so for the recent Darlington/Hartlepool match they were only allowed 10,000 fans.
  17. Newcastle United

    According to Talksport yesterday a lot of the media think Roeder is on the way in the Summer. They think Shepherd has been going on about European qualification being the minimum standard a lot recently to lay the foundations to get rid of him - apparently he was going on about it in the programme yesterday (I don't buy it anymore so I didn't see it). The thing is though how many of us have confidence in Shepherd appointing a decent replacement after Gullit, Souness and Roeder?
  18. I am not sure if anyone has already posted this but there is a free Shay Given / Scott Parker Talk In at Shearers on Monday night. You need to pick up a ticket if you fancy going.
  19. Shay Given / Scott Parker Talk In

    6.30pm - I think you need to pick up the tickets in advance from Shearers.
  20. They are offering large discounts and this is shown on the bill as a loyalty discount. I think the deal they offer you depends on how long you have been with them and how much they value your custom.
  21. Virgin Media

    Stop watching it then. It'll never end. This is the last ever series and after watching it this long I want to know how it finishes!
  22. Virgin Media

    I had to ask round my whole office to get someone to video Dream Team as most people now have Sky+ and not videos. I managed to get it in the end but can't keep asking every week until the end of the season!
  23. Virgin Media

    I telephoned to tell Virgin I was changing to Sky and it took an hour to get through and apparently there were 500 people on hold. If this many people are changing to Sky as a result they may well make more money not allowing Virgin to have the channels.
  24. Haven't Blackburn said they are able to reduce their prices because of the massively increased TV money next year which I understand is about 20 million more? In my view rather than reducing prices Newcastle should include cup matches in the seaon ticket thereby filling the stadium for these games. Although this would decrease ticket revenue this should be made up for with the extra TV money and the spending on drinks, programmes, food etc by all the fans in a full SJP. When I went to the pre-season friendly at Celtic a few years ago the Celtic fans were boycotting the match in protest at the fact their Champions League tickets weren't included in the season ticket - all the other cup tickets were.
  25. Birdsong

    I read it a few years ago and thought it was excellent (except the end was a bit corny). It was good enough to make me read several other Sebastian Faulks books subsequently. Similar sort of style to Ian McEwan - not as good but still worth a read IMO.

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