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  1. I actually thought that the takeover talk was more of the same. Sell season tickets, etc. But when I saw this picture on Twitter, I got the strange impression that the long nightmare may be coming to an end. Now if people will stop pushing the Mourhino excrement, that would be fine with me as well.
  2. Can we make it to the whistle? That’s real drama....
  3. There should be an option to mute the commentators but still listen to the crowd and field audio. I don’t want to listen to these idiots fellate Chelsea the whole match.
  4. Tonight Muto will steal a taxi with Perez and Dubravka and our fate will be sealed.
  5. Thoroughly enjoyed that. Will also enjoy Mourinho further alienating his players after the match. Wouldn’t be surprised to hear a player pop off in the press about him as well. This has the potential to turn into a glorious garbage fire this season, and I’ll thoroughly enjoy it.
  6. Exactly! That’s why I don’t post much tbf
  7. Can we start the Vince McMahon rumors again? Brother?
  8. Sorry gents, been AWOL.... did I miss this window’s Andy Carroll rumors? I always enjoy that time of year.
  9. Leaving on a high note, why not - the club punched above their weight this year and it’s only downhill for next. Why not leave on a high note?
  10. To play devil’s advocate here, we don’t look like we know how to handle playing with possession instead of on the counter.... seems like a clear niche for Mitro.
  11. Trust me Gloomy, you’re not missing any scintillating commentary here.
  12. I think maybe Perez has taken the criticism from here personally and has been out to prove a point. Man of the match again? Anyone other than Gloomy starts a match thread should have their fingers broken.
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