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  1. The Squad Availability 06 - 02 - 2014

    We would be mad to let him go yes he has a 1 good game in 10 at the moment but think back to the unbelievable goals he has scored and the goals he has created, its the flair that he adds to the team. He needs better players around him who think like him so in turn the link up play becomes better!!
  2. Papiss Demba Cisse

    I agree without a doubt, when he was playing with BA yes Ba was the better player but he was banging them in and linking up very well together.... You never know him ad De Jong could be a great fit!!
  3. Papiss Demba Cisse

    When you look at Cisse's form before NUFC and currently it proves he isn't the worst out there but he needs to get some games under his belt and get his confidence up!! 2003–2004 Douanes Dakar 26 (23) 2005–2009 Metz 95 (36) 2005–2006 → Cherbourg (loan) 28 (11) 2008–2009 → Châteauroux (loan) 15 (4) 2009–2012 SC Freiburg 65 (37) 2012– Newcastle United 65 (22
  4. Kinnear resigns!

    Hats off to joe sat there and collected a nice wage for doing sweet f a
  5. Papiss Demba Cisse

    We might as well play Cisse and try and get his confidence back.... Where paying his wages so is a waste to have him sat around playing fifa at home when where short of strikers as it is!!
  6. Kinnear resigns!

    The worst ever appointment NUFC ever made in its whole history!!! 1 down 1 to go.... How long till Cashley packs his bags???? Too long!!

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