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  1. @_lippylipez_ @Pmacgiollabhain @RangersFC @SRtRCScotland If he fights as good as he spells he's gonna get second prize here, by the way

  2. @_lippylipez_ @Pmacgiollabhain And for people that claim 'no one likes us, we don't care', they're always fucking g… https://t.co/JaaLH8a8bu

  3. @_lippylipez_ @Pmacgiollabhain Someone please tell me what I've missed here?

  4. @AbsoluteArse You have incredibly good taste sir

  5. @AdamCirc Time and place champ 😘

  6. @AFlannagain Treble treble ya basss ;)

  7. @agirlcalledlina This cunt would be getting knocked clean out if he bumped into me in ALDI. Absolute fucking walloper

  8. @alexandra_kuri Get in the sea you robot nonce

  9. @alfgarnett54 @w_mccusker @ScottishSun Alf Garnett? Obsessed? Aye, you're obsessed with a fucking racist. Rent free pal, rent free x

  10. @alfgarnett54 @w_mccusker @ScottishSun Alf is a fictional racist, who you have as your avatar. Absolute fucking bal… https://t.co/pkSBWIpRPc

  11. @alfienoakes63 Can we have a 4th option of 'Tory heads on spikes as a warning to others'?

  12. @AlwayzInTrouble I know. I am 😉

  13. @AlwayzInTrouble I'm in the UK so what you call chips, we call crisps, and what we call chips, you call fries. That… https://t.co/2lPiwdyhx3

  14. @AmeliaRoseTighe Where the fuck are you buying laptops from for 10 grand? You're so out of touch, it's laughable. Fucks sake man 😞

  15. @andrewbenson94 Best and most talented player in the league.....? You must be on the fucking glue pal ;)

  16. @andyparmo I'm playing rebel songs all fucking day

  17. @AngelaHaggerty 'Haggerty vs the interwebz eejits' would be a Netflix show that would be added to my list pronto 😊

  18. @AngelaHaggerty @MrMcEnaney Basically, it always needs to be about 13 degrees so I can wear shorts and a hoody all… https://t.co/MxLuLbasor

  19. @AngelaHaggerty Aye. Pure shite in Newcastle. Absolutely pissing down :(

  20. @artyfuckwit A shotgun

  21. @artyfuckwit Aye. Fuck 'em. Let the people dance you absolute fucking roaster!

  22. @attackofhubris @DoubleDrCrystal @StaySickGRAVER @TheJimCornette @priscillatampon @run187 @singlemalttheo1 Does he… https://t.co/M96VA8Vc73

  23. @AyoCaesar Good. If he was my neighbour I'd put his fucking windows in. Arrogant and selfish prick

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