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  1. @RegattaOutdoors hi. Ordered a jacket on 02/09. A week has passed and no confirmation email or jacket arrived? Can… https://t.co/wu1daKHbRD

  2. @lukeaaronmoore And these useless England cunts have cost me £80 on a four fold acca. Twats 😞

  3. @ParcelORogues1 We've just got a greyhound a month ago. So lovely and good natured https://t.co/CD8eF45gYK

  4. @ParcelORogues1 Milk and two sugars please chief 😊

  5. @Pinklilycat Gaun yersel! 😊

  6. @Pinklilycat You'll be grand. He'll be shiteing it no doubt. But most of all, ENJOY YOURSELF!

  7. @artyfuckwit Aye. Fuck 'em. Let the people dance you absolute fucking roaster!

  8. @NearlyAllThe7s @NUFC360 Atsu? He'd do well for us I reckon. Need more competition in the wide areas, so it's mutua… https://t.co/PcwMKSSWp5

  9. @Govanbhoy20 That lot couldn't fucking fight sleep 🤣🤣

  10. @gb_nationalist @garyraikes2 Anyone, everyone. Except non whites or British eh? Prick.

  11. @RheaRipley_WWE Alreet Bazza? Meet Stevie Nicks https://t.co/oWnHGdHF6a

  12. @Marsh4LL1 @Coventry_Police You love to see it. What a buch of racist wallopers

  13. @AbsoluteArse You have incredibly good taste sir

  14. @jamesenglish0 @10DavidTurnbull @CelticFC Good man, always knew you had impeccable taste 🍀 https://t.co/ChKCH3iVJ2

  15. @ParcelORogues1 Absolutely. Buck stops with him. Peter Lawell (who I often give pelters to) signed two strikers and… https://t.co/M1mS79mvKH

  16. @popsicle_____ Absolute dagger in the fucking heart that, nee danger

  17. Naaah. Big Peter Lawell is getting his hands in his pockets. Celtic.... Announce Messi 🤣 https://t.co/Z76M932qrJ

  18. @redhead_ordead Get in the sea you pair of fucking weirdos

  19. @Govanbhoy20 Well done for getting the new gig mate, hope it all goes well

  20. @Footpatrol_ldn don't buy from these crooks. Been waiting for two weeks and been told its in a queue and there's no… https://t.co/M4hqhdTSK0

  21. @jamesenglish0 I've got Whyte in rounds 4-6!

  22. @TheBigNath Ooooh. I'll get on that

  23. @TheBigNath You've never heard Nas? Illmatic album is UNREAL (top 5 all time for me)

  24. @FootpatrolHelp Hi. Sent a DM - waiting on your reply

  25. @RockcliffeFiles https://t.co/pCh5mS6s95

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