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  1. Don't buy trainers from @Footpatrol_ldn. Two orders where I've paid for next day delivery, two orders where it hasn… https://t.co/gCXB3fuwPd

  2. @FootpatrolHelp Already have

  3. @TheBigNath Chat (racist) shit, get banged

  4. @mnrrntt @PlopGazette See all these lads hiding Ben and Jerry's ice cream? They've never touched a girls boobs. Abs… https://t.co/QFJp1Wn7F4

  5. @Real_Macca_0161 Name the time and place. I'll fold you you up like clean washing.

  6. @ParcelORogues1 I'm into double figures with the ink and thd ones on the meaty parts didn't really hurt that much.… https://t.co/r4JUzZ3eJO

  7. @alfienoakes63 Can we have a 4th option of 'Tory heads on spikes as a warning to others'?

  8. @RobaidhBAM @CountDankulaTV "give me one of them old slave songs"............ "I get no kick from champagne....." 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  9. @jamesenglish0 Cheers brother, got a promotion at work this week so feeling good and passing on the positive vibes to all

  10. @RockcliffeFiles Other way round for me. Know nowt about horses so never go near them

  11. @knoxwatp @scotsunsport *have. 😉

  12. @ParcelORogues1 Performance was honking. I was more pissed off having to put up with Rangers* fans of my acquaintan… https://t.co/AJKDIwclDu

  13. @paullarkin74 That James Brown biopic is unreal, by the way

  14. I'm not saying Killie are time-wasting bastards, but I bet it takes their keeper 10 minutes to get one bag of shopping the car

  15. @FootpatrolHelp And I habe replied. Thanks

  16. @SassenachAlba_1 Positive vibes coming your way! 😊 X

  17. @Rossmac212 Clout chaser.

  18. @Marsh4LL1 @KennethWPratt @fieldsi79 Ha. Destroyed verbally without having to lay a finger on the absolute racist prick. You love to see it

  19. @fieldsi79 @Marsh4LL1 Never change Jacksons, never change.... https://t.co/6mQSp5cOeJ

  20. @Govanbhoy20 Aye. Thats on the hit list

  21. @jesscumpsonx Wraith? Wannabe gangster shite actor wanker. The other fella? Not even giving him that much credit. S… https://t.co/z5O5qhdItE

  22. @Govanbhoy20 https://t.co/xlhMYHQtj6

  23. @thismorning BYKER. for fucks sake 😞

  24. @popsicle_____ If I had more money and a bigger house, the car would have been full of them!

  25. @ParcelORogues1 The little fat shite wouldn't get a game in my works 5 a-side 🤣🤣

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