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  1. @Govanbhoy20 @Record_Sport In other news, Katic withdraws from the Rangers* squad due to his massive smack habit. W… https://t.co/sxV2cV3NlV

  2. @popsicle_____ They've served me well so far 😊

  3. Y'knaa, twitter can sometimes be a horrible, negative cesspit sometimes. But tonight has been full of lovely and po… https://t.co/W9YfpfhwTo

  4. @redskyatnight Me and my wife had this same conversation! Born to be wild? Born to be MILD more like. Eh? Eh? I'll get me coat

  5. @ParcelORogues1 Even though it ruined my coupon today, I found this hilarious. Couldn't happen to a nicer mercenary cunt 🀣🀣

  6. @piersmorgan Don't let the door hit your arse on the way out

  7. @cals_own Did the chef swear at the punter though? Even if they got free pizza, that's not on. I like your pizzas a… https://t.co/WYrkvssCRF

  8. @alfgarnett54 @w_mccusker @ScottishSun Alf is a fictional racist, who you have as your avatar. Absolute fucking bal… https://t.co/pkSBWIpRPc

  9. @alfgarnett54 @w_mccusker @ScottishSun Alf Garnett? Obsessed? Aye, you're obsessed with a fucking racist. Rent free pal, rent free x

  10. @w_mccusker @TheStandardBea2 @mrewanmurray Have they not won the 5 way stretch overpriced kit cup too? πŸ˜‰ A very unique 'double'

  11. @BeardedUniverse At one point, I wanted to die, just to stop the pain. Then I was given so much morphine I couldn't say my own name. πŸ˜‰

  12. @JayRoyle @_jssca___ Wankers in my street letting fireworks off like it was Boca juniors vs river plate. Absolute fucking whoppers man 😠

  13. @IrvineWelsh Newcastle.... People queueing outside pubs at 8am. Fucking carnage

  14. @jparish222 Give her the login details, keep an eye on what she's watching and when she gets to almost the end of a… https://t.co/k5i50nBAnq

  15. RT @weegiewitch13: Ffs sawt it awt Grant πŸ₯΄ Aw ragin because he’s barred fae the Queen Vic

  16. @ParcelORogues1 @spamfritters65 I'm too old for the shirts now (although the black 3rd kit looks great) so I reckon I'll get a hoody πŸ€

  17. @TheAndernator *for. See? So mad I can't even spell properly πŸ˜‰

  18. @RockcliffeFiles The Wicker Man on steroids, is my capsule review

  19. RT @SwearingSport: Fucking hell 😳 https://t.co/22HmSvho8m

  20. @RexChapman All that energy expended, when it would have took two seconds to put a mask on. Fucks sake man 😞

  21. @LuckyTony72 @RockcliffeFiles Vera. How the fuck can a village so small require a helicopter for Pat, and pay for pilot training? Fuck me

  22. @ScouseBirdBlogs Pate on crumpets. Thank me later 😊

  23. @ParcelORogues1 Invest in one of these brother.... https://t.co/KulXoxPx2v

  24. @JaneChase @IamRobertHarvey 'the people' is an absolute banger, by the way

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