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  1. All this excitement is enough to make you log on and post for the first time since 2014 instead of the usual lurking about in the misery. Has Bruce been given the bullet yet?
  2. Ultimately I think the final say lies with the tea lady...
  3. I had Newcastle half time Oldham full time at 40-1 just with a daft couple of quid. Basically I couldn't care less that we lost!
  4. I think he deserves a crack at it again back with us. Greek league is horrible but he has to be full of confidence after last season that and we don't have many squad players left to be honest.
  5. Erm. Yeah. Cheers for clearing that up... What I don't understand is how you dismiss everyone else's reply by bringing up the same reply each time. Then chose to ignore the replies that completely defeat what you say. Just something I have noticed reading here the past few weeks/days.
  6. Can he go against the majority and go and support the Makems?
  7. Being a new poster this thread is completely lost on me... I don't get the angle CT is coming from or what he is actually trying to prove.
  8. One of the worst forms in the whole of English football tbf.
  9. The constant praise of Terry from the commentators is terrible mind. Every time he got possession he hoofed it aimlessly back to the Atletico half.
  10. Real Name: Anthony Age: 23 Birthplace: Essex Whereabouts: Durham Job: Retail Manager Favourite Club: (if Not Newcastle) Favourite Band: Nothing in particular Favourite Food: Most things Italian. You can keep seafood though! Favourite Drink: Partial to anything and everything Favourite Place: Anywhere scummy and a fun night out. Favourite Tv Show(s): Many Favourite Film: Most the Marvel stuff and the likes. Footballing Heroes: Pirlo, Ibrahimovic, Shearer, Nobby Footballing Villains: Cattermole, Boumsong, Steven Carr, Keane Other Teams: Other Sports: F1, NBA, Skiing, Snowboarding
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