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  1. Liverpool fan in Peace

    Thank you all very much for your contributions guys, enjoyed this one a lot! A tonne of great answers. The thread over on KopBlocks is here: http://kopblocks.com/showthread.php?tid=620&pid=15972#pid15972 Thanks again, Stuart
  2. Liverpool fan in Peace

    Hey guys, I'm a member of KopBlocks.com where we run a feature called "the view from that lot" where we basically ask opposition fans questions to gauge how they're feeling about their season, the upcoming game etc etc Any answers given would be greatly appreciated! 1. With the season drawing to a close this weekend how do you feel its gone looking back as a whole? 2. Looking at the table as a whole are you happy to be finishing where you are or do you consider it this season a failure? 3. There was a lot of discussion about Pardews 8 year contract at the time; do you think hell be there at the end of it? Or do you think hes already been given too long? 4. What would you like to see in terms of comings and goings over the summer transfer window? 5. If you could bring back any player from Newcastles past who would you like to see back in the black and white? 6. What have you thought of Liverpools season? 7. Who are Newcastles main threats for the game on Sunday? 8. And finally; What do you reckon the score will be this weekend? Thanks!

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