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  1. Facundo Ferreyra

    Getting this bloke in like this seems like the board might have a plan...............
  2. Cock Size

    ^^^^ Is yours the size of a Monkeys Fist? If so what size monkey?
  3. Obama once again showing America is Israel's lapdog.

    So you are saying there has been no conflict between Jews and Arabs in the area of Israel/Palestine before the turn of the 18/19th century?
  4. Obama once again showing America is Israel's lapdog.

    Alex, What side of the fence are you sitting here, I'm not sure. All I'm saying is the situation goes back further than the last 70 years, you seem unwilling to accept that, its a point of view I hold. Do you agree or disagree?
  5. Obama once again showing America is Israel's lapdog.

    I'm saying it didn't happen like that. I don't understand that its not understood that this is a 2000 year old conflict, both sides have dug in against each other and both appear to want the other side wiped out. Its not just since the formation of Israel, perhaps I'm trying to highlight it in the wrong way, but the point still stands. I follow no religion. All historical data can be twisted to a point of view, but not of that is being discussed, just one statement from a few that have been made.
  6. Obama once again showing America is Israel's lapdog.

    I am trying to post a couple of links, but this site wont let me, not sure why. You can doubt what I say and would likely say the sites I'm trying to link to are also biased. As is every news site, biased to the agenda they are trying to put forward. Maybe you doubt that there have been forced conversions, mass expulsions, synagogue burnings and mass executions in Persia, Byzantium etc, look it up. Judea was the Jewish homeland and hasn't existed for many centuries. If you choose to believe that this is a problem that has existed since the formation of the new Israeli nation, crack on. Yes, the Exodus as told in the bible didn't happen exactly like that, but similar events did and could be considered on a par with what is happening in Syria now, surely you can see the similarity.? No?
  7. Obama once again showing America is Israel's lapdog.

    Do you have a point to make or are you just picking one thing out to have a row about ? Yes Exodus was a story, I've said that, what I'm saying is similar incidents happened. Do you really need me to quote examples? I can If you want but its a lot of typing. No evasion involved, look it up and educate yourself, look at Jewishvoice.org
  8. Obama once again showing America is Israel's lapdog.

    Alex, google history of jewish persecution and have a little read, you'll get the jist of what I'm saying.
  9. Obama once again showing America is Israel's lapdog.

    I think you're trying to take that out of context, as I said, missing the point.
  10. Obama once again showing America is Israel's lapdog.

    I think you're missing my point. Its about the timescale and forgetting history. People are talking about the time since Israel was formed as the basis for the present conflict, just trying to highlight its been going on for a lot longer than that, these territories have been disputed for a lot longer than that, Jews and Arabs have been killing each other for a lot longer than 70 years. Maybe the Holocaust bit muddies it a bit, but that's why the state was formed, to give the Jews a homeland, because the arabs states wont let them live in peace and following the Holocaust the powers at the time felt some reparation was required. If you need to ask about Jews being persecuted in the middle east and dispute its a fact, then do some research.
  11. Flight MH370 / Flight MH17

    Just viewed that link, WTF. People never cease to amaze me. I would like see that slimbull character stood in the Newcastle Arms and explain his theory.
  12. Obama once again showing America is Israel's lapdog.

    People are talking about History not being forgotten or being forgotten, as it suits. I know the Exodus story is just a fable from the bible, which is a story book itself, but this is story has some basis in historical happenings. The convenient thing to forget is that the Arab nations and that includes Palestine as was have been trying to remove the Jews from wherever they have settled. The time since the Holocaust is a cough in this story. You don't believe in Allah, you must die Infidel, is a recurrent thread for the last couple of thousand years.
  13. Obama once again showing America is Israel's lapdog.

    I don't think Hamas is short of recruits, the logisitics to get those tunnels built is huge, they are a proper professional job. I think they might be trying to wipe out any future recruits before they become that.
  14. Cock Size

    So what we are saying is that because alan pardew doesn't know what he's doing, he's a massive cock?
  15. Obama once again showing America is Israel's lapdog.

    aimaad, the problem is, if the boot was on the other foot, Hamas would be doing the same, this has been the way for thousands of years. Gods don't kill people, people with gods kill people. Fuck me the whole thing is about your chosen way to worship a deity which may or may not exist. Allah or Jehova, explain the difference? Judean Peoples Front or The Peoples Front of Judea. Sit down have a cup of tea and a hookah pipe and celebrate your differences.

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