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  1. takeover or not, they are in league 1. Get out of that first you fuck wits
  2. some tough games there. Queue the “all games are tough in the prem” press comments.
  3. Hope things work out for your Sis mate. It’s fucked up man. Lots of policies I disagree or agree with, but first and foremost the gov. should look after those who need it (disabled and children) or deserve it (pensioners who’ve paid into system their whole life).
  4. twats have strung a couple of wins together now and climbing a bit.
  5. sometimes when you first look at it the dishes look upside down.. then you spot one to the left and they all change to right way. I can only see them right way now. But when I first looked they werent. Maybe you have spider eyes :-)
  6. The buck stops with Bruce. Regardless of the way Ashley runs the club, he’s given Bruce replacements, with Carrol, Joelimping, Gayle, Almiron, Maxim, Muto.. he has more choice up front than Rafa ever had (quality argument aside).. and the rest of the team Rafa organised them enough to be a tough unit to crack. If he can’t manage to make us “hard to beat” at the very least with the tools he has available.. then it’s confirmed.. he’s fucking shite.. (which is plainly apparent).
  7. Yes. As soon as he was out and Hayden/Diame/Ki/Longstaff were our midfield choice things picked up immediately.
  8. wonder how many more hatricks will get put past us this season
  9. through crafts legs for 2nd goal, craft lost him 3rd goal .. not much craft there
  10. that’s all 3 of our summer attacking options crocked
  11. I said let’s give him a few more games to get up to whatever speed he can get to. But so far there’s nowt to be excited about, certainly not 40m worth!
  12. yep. Lot of pressure going to be on him if he doesn’t start banging them in.
  13. i’ll give him a few more games before I decide completely shit or not, but based on that half.. hope Andy Carrol is fit soon.
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