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  1. In the USA, new TV deals have sky rocketed team values. Both the LA Clippers and LA Dodgers were sold right around when new TV deals were in place, and both were sold well above what their perceived market value is. I wouldn't be surprised if Ashley sells Newcastle within a couple of years for more than anybody thinks they'll be sold for.
  2. Why is Williamson trying to hit a volley with his back to the goal from the 18? Just worry about keeping possession.
  3. Haidara offers so much more going forward from the left back position than Dummett.
  4. Let me clarify. Hero is probably too strong of a word. His transfer to Newcastle is what brought me in as a fan. So if not for Owen, I'd have probably ended up as another American cheering for Manchester United.
  5. Been reading the forums for awhile and decided to register to join in on the bullshitting. Real Name: Korey Age: 26 Birthplace: USA Whereabouts: Milwaukee, USA Job: Financial Analyst Favorite Club: (if Not Newcastle) Newcastle Favorite Band: Backstreet Boys Favorite Food: Cheap takeout Chinese Favorite Drink: American IPA, Bourbon, Scotch, Red wine Favorite Place: A deck in the summer-time with a nice beer in hand Favorite Tv Show(s): Sherlock Favorite Film: In Bruges Footballing Heroes: Michael Owen Footballing Villains: Too many to list Other Teams: Detroit Lions, Detroit Tigers, Detroi
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