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  1. Hopefully I won't get kicked! Not trying to piss people off, just have a bit of fun!! Let me know if anyone falls for it!
  2. It's a satire football news site. Writing the word 'satire' in the title might make it a little too obvious. The idea is that football fans such as yourself would very easily be able to tell that it's a satirical article as it's obviously a crazy idea. It might be also funny if some people who know less about football "outed themselves" (so to speak) by sharing a story like this. Don't think there's much wrong with that personally...
  3. Mike Ashley is set to build a statue of himself outside St James Park. Here is the original story but it's been tweeted by a lot of NUFC fan groups. Protest planned for last home game vs West Ham at 3pm. Link to facebook event:

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