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  1. Fraser Forster or The Scottish Football Thread.

    Tims man Going about English boards to bad mouth the Rangers and getting your arses handed to you by a guy who reads the Record and thinks it's real haha This lots been winning big trophies for years with Scottish players ffs. Mostly yours ha ha Ronnie Deila and that team https://www.youtube.com/watch?V=kkkqD2WO5LZY As for you Geordies slagging us off. Alex Ferguson finished your league off about 10 years ago. It was always going to become a one horse race once they achieved their potential. Even when they were shit everyone knew that was the real big team down there. Thought Arsenal would have took up the Celtic slot but Man Utd just outgrew the lot of you. Your FA's had to let in dodgy billionaires to disguise what happened. Did you not notice it all became a Man Utd love in on your media some time ago? All that extra time I use to just laugh reading English papers because the tims call it succulent lamb but it works. The Daily Rangers and other papers and sports media in general do a good job for us when we need to dump a daft player. Boumsong Most countries have one or two big clubs who dominate a country. All Man Utd needed was a great manager who would stay a long time because it takes time to steal all the glory hunting fans and sell them shirts, which allows you to outspend all the rest. Busby done most of it but Ferguson finished the job off. Makes me laugh a good old Struthian hun like him conquered your league with a team that the tims seem to like because he managed to finish of their dreams of Irish hegemony at the same time haha Irish glory hunters will always go to the nearest centre of football if the hype and product are good enough. The EPL is hijacking all that these muppets dream of as people coming over are now going to see your teams instead. We probably have just as many fans over there as them Ferguson fell out with us because we chucked him as a player and so we missed out. Great manager because he even did a bit of good work with all them young players which is what the tims did and never stop trying to repeat. Not bad at it too but even in the 60s and 70s they would sell all their players for peanuts. CFC = a cheap hooker of a club who's boardrooms rip the pish out of its fans all the time. Then they run about shouting its all the fault of Rangers lol They should be light years ahead of us now and I bet we have them back in our pockets soon. Hope that lad at university in Aberdeen is right about the Dons. I hate them pricks but have a good bit of respect for them as Fergie's old team took us a fair bit of time to wear down after he left. Have lots of memories of great games against them. Scottish football no longer produces good enough players and the money is gash but we still have a real football culture up here. I just think of next season and going to places like Hearts and Aberdeen and it makes me start laughing because I know they'll all be there fucking choking to humiliate us and we'll be cannon fodder. But we know a good manager when we see one and this chap Warburton is doing just fine with no money. And you know we'll spend what we can and buy wisely. I reckon we will give you all more problems than you think. We're all looking forward to coming to pittodrie to hunt some sheep. Bet you lot have been gutted missing out on a meeting with us when we were struggling. But don't believe all your own hype. Rangers and Celtic would be fine down there and would have won plenty. How do I know? All the Scottish players would have stayed with us instead of helping you lot as well as giving us the cash. Aberdeen would have won your league back when everything was much more level financially. Big teams dominated but smaller ones could keep good players and have a real go at it. Dundee Utd put players on 6 year contracts so we couldn't take the good ones from them and got success and to a European final around the same time as Aberdeen were setting about teams like Real Madrid. Not many EPL sides have done it yet even with all that money. Buying foreign will bring you all trophies and make your league better but the truth is that England never produces top talents. No big foreign teams really touch your players and its because they rarely do well. Truth is the likes of Beckham, Scholes, Owen, and all the rest of these players are not good enough to win anything without the much more gifted foreign players. Fergies succulent lamb press output was good but when people down here were calling Roy Keane the best midfielder in the world when guys like Zidane were playing is just ludicrous. Even Gerrard looked like a stiffy in comparison. Maybe it will improve your own players over time right enough but your national team is terrible for such a boastful and rich footballing nation. I've followed Rangers all over the place and always have a chat with locals and nobody thinks you guys are a big deal in football. These guys see you at World Cups asking Brazilians and Argentinian players how they're going to deal with Beckham and Sholes or Michael Owen. I'll say no more, its just deluded madness Manchester Utd and the big four are generally good, but its hard for the rest of you. It takes more than being decent clubs to win a league down there if you have no real commercial interest outwith your own city. The hype can be created but it takes oil barons to do it now. I liked Newcastle back in the day but I live in England and have family in lots of places here too and Newcastle as a city itself rarely gets mentioned at all in the media unless its the Jeremy Kyle show, Ant or Dec or some silly shite. To have a dig at Glasgow is just daft mate because Newcastle isn't really relevant even in it's own country. Glasgow is basically the centre of Scotland in terms of media, finance, science, academia and just about every thing else up here that matters. It does help in football, ask the guy from Aberdeen how much Rangers and Celtic dominate the papers and everything else. It pisses all these teams off, reading our hype machine. We keep it realistic right enough. The two clubs carved this old land of ours up years ago. I wouldn't give that up to watch smaller clubs on steroids keeping us out of Europe. I actually feel sorry for the rest of the English clubs because all that billionaire daddy stuff isn't good for football. European football will change within the next 20 years with Man U, Arsenal, and whoever buys underneath them going off to play in some European super league. I believe it will end up with a championship and that will do for me. Just my opinion right enough but being a countries best two will put us in a better position than a smaller city one in England. You would need to be back up to your old standards which I hope you are because I'd love to take you guys on again and make up for the last time your Scottish side sneaked a win against us About the sectarianism, that's a well known myth to Glaswegians. Most of us are with the other side all day so how could we really hate them. No one even knows what religion is up here. Its all bollocks from decades ago kept alive by silly politicians and newspapers making a big deal about daft songs. The songs express political sentiments but its really just two sets of supporters who really know how to offend each other. A tragedy happens maybe twice in a decade and its terrible to see. But it is always people who have done the same shit before in a different context, its just scumbags using all this stuff in Northern Ireland or the old firm game as an excuse. Its hard to explain because when people meet us they tend to ask us about the derby and how do we explain all that without it sounding like a confirmation of what they already think. Its impossible because if you try and say no its not that bad, they start talking about idiots sending vile little bastards bullets and bombs, and so you see what I mean. Its just loon balls and rare. So if you ever meet any of our fans don't ask about it in a general sense. Ask, how many sectarian arguments or fights have you seen between people in Glasgow? I've never really seen people arguing over our clubs or all the other stuff really, and never seen any fights. The Daily Records been showing the same picture of our fans in the corner of the San Giro with theirs on their side and talking about sectarian violence for 30 years, never so much as a photo of it printed or any video evidence apart from documentaries about the game showing people in pubs or at the matches. I'd love to know were to find some of this sectarian violence the papers generalise about. We've had a riot or two but its all on the park at the game and not since the 1980 cup final. But it makes me laugh because I remember when English fans were smashing cities up all over the world, and I remember hearing about a few things at your north east derby that were not exactly nice either. Riots, banning each other from the grounds, and special buses to take you into the grounds. Your lot were banned from Europe for five years ffs, English Angels, aye right Rangers and Celtic fans really only ever end up in fights with police because they think they need to be tougher with us. Tims are funny people with all their peace and good guys pish. You seen how quick that wee tim went into meltdown when you asked him about remembrance day I actually like it when they get put in that position and they get all the shite haha Your boy was right about them always trying to act like moral philosophers. Their not quite right in the head but its funny because we know its because we pumped them silly for twenty years GIRUY They came on here to spread shite about us, how pathetic are they Got to laugh because he's talking about Palistine and then they wonder why Ajax ended up slapping them about in Amsterdam. Ajax got fined for the sort of banner only a Rangers fan could think of but could never get away with without going to jail for years. Ajax fans using banners in Glaswegian, aye right. Sounds like the work of some of our young mob, got to be They are actually good to the Irish as a club. Had so many Irish players that it makes a mockery of them bleating on about sectarian signing policies and all that crap from yesteryear. It was true in a sort of loose way. We've had catholic players many times before in the past its just that they were told to be quiet about it because a lot of our support base is originally either from Northern Ireland, descended, or in one of the city's orange bands and Northern Ireland was always in civil war mode. Wrong no doubt but the real reason was mainly that Catholic schools are Celtics real gold mine and always have been. I would love Rangers to have a go at these places just to wind the fuckers up but they basically just tell us to fuck off. I know this because all the rubbish about sectarianism doesn't bother me at all and I sent my boy to the local catholic school because it was the best school for miles. It took him months to tell anyone he was a Rangers fan because even the teachers talk to them about Celtic. They do a good bit of work for these schools and provide all sorts of musical instruments and other shit and even took the class to a Celtic match a couple of years ago (surprise surprise). I just seen that as the boy getting to see how much better Ibrox is and imagining how good it feels to be there in a wee crowd with them all around you and Arteta slams one in and they all go quiet and bitter looking, haha That wee Lovenkrands use to get a lot of stick of our fans but now and again he would come up with stunning goals for us against them. Was he any use to you lot? But its not all to do with leagues. We've bought many players from England in the past and it hasn't worked out. For every Trevor Steven there's been a donkey like Flo. I met Everton fans last year and they were bumping their gums about us signing some of their players about bloody 20 years ago. You lot must blame the other team or something if a player ends up a dud or gets sold, its like me getting annoyed with Chelsea about Flo. That's just football. Somebody sold us Jeffers and Kyle Lafferty ffs, that should be against the law But sectarianism is blown out of all proportion in relation to Glasgow. That's the problem with the media. Truth is our kids are still all mates even though they still have their schools and nobody takes it that serious apart from a small minority of people who are connected in some way to the tradegy of Northern Ireland. But lets not forget good old England was bad as well with no blacks, Irish, or dogs signs on hotels and shit like that and still is in many places when it comes to slagging off Asians. Come to think of it, you lot have plenty of bad history in Ireland and that's why these guys hate the army. That's not sectarian, its common sense. It just makes me laugh as he was expressing what is basically a political view that Irish Nationalists take because English then British soldiers have been running about that island telling them what to do for centuries and he gets called a bigot haha We have freedom of speech up here lads, its just singing naughty songs or using certain offensive words at football that people ever get arrested for and it doesn't happen much anymore. But Glasgow doesn't really have any of these other problems really but we get a reputation for this sectarian crap and its so unfair if you know the city. I mean places like Oldham, Blackburn are so much worse in comparison with all the anti-Asian rubbish. Nobody is running about Glasgow giving a fuck about catholics or protestants. That's just nuts, silly papers like I said. Think it must be these whinging tims or something. I mean how did you lot know about Celtics good old reasons for forming? I thought we suffered these guys and no one knew what they are like. That made me laugh, these goons make out it was all one big charity idea, feed poor, good old brother walfrid shite, sporting principles, moral philosophy, save the earth, free Mandela, let the animals out the zoo, peace brigade crap about the creation of their silly club. You would think God himself had gifted the world Celtic :icon_lol: I love Rangers but I don't have to invent mystical illusions about the club ffs. We all love our clubs but these bhoys take it beyond ridiculous, seeing Newcastle fans ripping the piss out this nonsense about their club was class. I don't know why you think so lowly of us however, we do ok considering we only get 2 million for winning our league and Scotland no longer produces players with proper class. Been like this for about ten years now because even these Portuguese, Dutch, Turkish, Russian teams earn fortunes in tv revenues compared to us. Its annoying because we knows these guys are fuck all but considering our squads are now put together for about twenty million they usually still hold their own against these sort of teams. We've actually knocked quite some good teams out of Europe at times considering the increasing money gap. That team that took us to Manchester was one of the poorest we ever had but done us proud and Jelevic, Naismith, Steven Davis and the likes is not bad for a club reduced to nothing and going bust. But Celtic progress in Europe since they voted us out of our league has been good viewing and I'm confident we will catch them much quicker now. What team wants to sell any of its best players Anyway, I wish your club all the best in that owner struggle you have. Ashley is robbing us blind when we're bust. What sort of 'football loving billionaire' treats clubs like that. He sent two clowns up to join our board and when they arrived they said on TV we would be joining the mighty Sports Direct machine. A fucking tracky shop owner basically saying a shop is going to call the shots to Rangers. They're lucky they didn't show up to the AGM when we slung them out because guys like that are just cunts and don't realise how much people love football clubs. The reptile still has us by the balls with contracts all over the place though but we got him out in the end. I hope you do too. Mans an animal, look at the state of that roof on your stadium. That jumbo shop should be rewarding us both for the privilege of being linked to us, not fucking paying buttons for contracts. I hate seeing our top in that shite shop of his but to think he's ripping us off for the humiliation is too much. We don't even buy our own strip now and won't until the deal runs out. If losing that cash costs us against the tims then he will be in for a surprise because it will drive people too far knowing he's the reason. By the way, see that lot of yours in 1969? My dad says they were a good outfit if a little too Scottish looking And to any passing tims, I like seeing the gaffer doing chickens at you when you win. The Ronny Roar hahahaha That's a Circus your running over there. So fucking gullible to any cunt who says he can produce a player. Talking about improving diet and fitness when your silly looking hoops are getting ripped up in Poland. If you don't bin that cunt soon it'll be too late :icon_lol:

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