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  1. Pleased to meet you

    Now that's just uncalled for. I wish I had a tail.
  2. Rob Elliot

    He's not very friendly. That's for sure.
  3. Rob Elliot

    What are you a doctor of?
  4. Alan Pardew - Poltroon sacked by West Brom

    I just voted not to sack Pardew. He's doing a good job at Palace. Why would they sack him?
  5. Rob Elliot

    Quiet here
  6. Pleased to meet you

    INAPPROPRIATE! You should be banned for that. Children read these boards you know. WONT SOMEBODY THINK OF THE CHILDREN?
  7. Rolando Aarons

    Rolando > Ronaldo FACT
  8. Pleased to meet you

    Very dark brown. Cola coloured. What about you?
  9. Who is your favourite panda?

  10. Pleased to meet you

    Hello there. Are you really straight edge? Like CM Punk? Or us it just a gimmick like when Festus turned into Luke Gallows?
  11. Ivan Toney

  12. Rob Elliot

    That's not banter. That's just stupid.
  13. Introductions Allow me to introduce myself!

    Real Name: not telling. You would probably steal my identity Age: 33 Birthplace: Newcastle upon Tyne Whereabouts: Gateshead below Tyne Job: Super villain Favourite Club: THE MIGHTY PANDAS Favourite Band: Lindisfarne Favourite Food: Mag Pies Favourite Drink: reeb Favourite Place: reeb houses Favourite Tv Show(s): Geordie shore Favourite Film: goal the movie Footballing Heroes: Graeme souness Footballing Villains: Graeme le saux Other Teams: NUFC reserves Other Sports: is banter a sport? Role Model(s): professor chaos Plans For The Future: rule the world 5 Things To Do Before You Die: anal sex, win a cup, deliver top notch banter on every continent, do a spineroonie and be on Geordie shore
  14. Ivan Toney

    I call Ivan Toney Mr Whippy, because of the ice cream shop Mark Toney. I associate Ivan Toney with it, so he's ice creamish. Like Mr Whippy. I give all of the pandas nicknames. It's a pretty cool hobby to have.

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