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  1. This hasn't gone the way I expected it, maybe a should off left it a few weeks but I'm just genuinely excited at welcoming the toon army to the Pirelli next year. And was hoping you would show us Burton fans the same back. I know you are all very angry right now with Rafa Benitez etc and your chairman but I was just wanted to know what its like for away fans and will we be safe o come
  2. Wow, I knew they have amazing support, but didn't realise it was that good, so 82000 fans went without tickets, I may have to take my caravan out the weekend Newcastle are in town
  3. We have some great pubs so I'm sure all the geordies will have a great day out(hopefully they wont win tho)
  4. How many will we expect you to bring to Burton, our ground hholds just over 6k. At a push depending on our season ticket sales I expect us to give around 1.5k for away fans. If Newcastle are struggling at the wrong end of the table, can we expect you to sell all them?
  5. Hopefully the Newcastle fans will enjoy our hospitality in Burton, although they will be lucky to get a bottle of Newquay Brown Ale here
  6. Thank you, I got told the north east fans are very friendly
  7. I can happily tell you about Burton and where the best places to drink for away fans are. I was just wondering what its like in Newcastle for away fans, and how you see your self doing in the Championship, theres no point talking about the 3rd tier as neither team will be in it next season
  8. It was deemed impossible for a small team to win the epl, hence 5000/1 , its been proven that its not impossible and with the money available to clubs now its likely to bring more of an even playing field. Can understand why the bookies are not offering 5000/1
  9. An excellent player, don't think Newcastle ever replaced him
  10. Hi Burton fan here in peace with Newcastle pretty much relegated now, just wanted to know if you are looking forward to our league games next season?? Do you think we will be challenging you for the title or perhaps you may be challenging us for relegation. Anyway ive never been to St James Park, is it a safe away day for us Brewers fans?
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