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  1. Who stays, you decide

  2. An Appraisal of Allardyce

  3. PMSL

    You know it's the truth, denial is not the way forward people, for those who read it you know I'm right. Bury your heads still won't alter the facts and that your destined for a prolonged period in the Championship. Enjoy!
  4. PMSL

    This looks like it took ages to type
  5. PMSL

    Might live in a shit town but when I'm sat in the Stadium of light next season I'll think of you all, you poor poor people. These forums are fuelled by the oxygen of attention and you've all been so obliging. Thankyou!
  6. PMSL

  7. PMSL

    As I say you really need to get some help, totally obsessed by nonces and incest, did you have an unhappy childhood?
  8. PMSL

    boo hoo, I'm not playing!
  9. PMSL

    Have you ever been employed or are my taxes paying for your attire, fags and bingo?
  10. PMSL

    It's so entertaining, you should try it, sorry you've got nothing to crow about, what with you being in the Championship next year!
  11. PMSL

    Neither can I, muppets!
  12. PMSL

    You're so eloquent, oops sorry you probably don't know what that means!
  13. PMSL

  14. PMSL


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