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  1. I wouldn't class where I live now superior over the place I was brought up in anyway but I don't mind it. I live where I live my son goes to school here. Our lass wanted to live so she's closer to her mam.
  2. Thanks for the compliments it's more than I get off the wife these days. And I don't live on wearside I live among you lot and have done for the past five year. Son was born in RVI. Probably live here for the rest of my life unless the gaffer wants to move. (the wife that is) not that I'm under the thumb or anything like that. (who am I kidding eh,course I fucking am) never mind.
  3. What? Danny graham left I hope not he's the best player we have got. Haha. Still waiting for him to sign for you lot. Wouldnt get a game for Newbiggin hall juniors
  4. We will win it the season before after going all next season undefeated. Doing the treble in the process while Danny graham wins the golden boot scoring 39 off his arse.
  5. I'm willing to give him the chance. The players he brought in january are the best at the club in my eyes apart from Defoe like would have been fucked without him. Wish he was five year younger. But still looks fit enough for another two year hopefully.
  6. Fuck after the stress of the past few year fighting relegation I would be happy to be safe with more than two games left. Don't ask for much do we haha.
  7. I think Sam done a good job with us since Xmas and hopefully next season we won't be fighting relegation. If Benitez does leave then you need a manager with experience of getting out of the championship. Some good away days to look forward to anyway so it's not all downbeat. Had some of my best times away from home massive away allocations.
  8. I know you lot hate Sam but to be fair the players he brought in during January have helped us a lot. Without them we would have been down I think. Rafa is a good manager no doubting that. Will he stay in championship and do well? Remains to be seen. I honestly think if you'd had stopped up this season you lot would have had a good year next season with Rafa. All,down to if he stays now and what happens in championship.
  9. I would be in hospital Recovering still if my lot ever come second. He must be pissed off after failing an audition for towie or summit
  10. Must have ran out of hairspray for his combover.
  11. No wonder that yid was pissed off all day. I was wondering what got him started.
  12. Rated him when he had that good spell at Boro mind. Too much risk now I think. Just get Graham man you won't regret it
  13. Scores the odd important goal off his arse man do a great job. Haha. Honestly though Bamford has went reet back i think.
  14. Saw him not long ago I was having a pint in the Toby Kingston park and he came in as I was going out said alright to me anarl.
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