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  1. Fuck off and goodnight to the lot of ya!
  2. No need for that I am enjoying myself here thank you. Next time you lot go to WHL and decide to pick on defenseless disabled folk who have done you lot no harm and only watching the game then have the courtesy to back it up after the match and not scamper away like chicken cunts. Your fans are a gobby parade of fat, gutless trash and you know what deep down you all know it! Enjoy your internal war with Ashley and a pasting this weekend!
  3. No but it does pay for the welfare of all you fat jobless, useless grubby cunts in the north east. That is why i want the referendum mentioned earlier on this forum
  4. What? I walk past britains best beach every day. What is the beach in newcastle made ofrom? Sand, shingle or shit?
  5. Believe it or not turnt is actually a correct spelling on an american keyboard setting. OK fair point headmaster. It makes a change for someone up north giving a lecture on spelling just because one likes to type fast! I see your fellow geordies on this forum have also mastered the english language (check around) but notice no reaction to them? PUNK
  6. Because I am pointing out that Newcastle is a joke on many fronts be it football, employment or the weather. It must be awful. I mean appalling to be associated with that club and city!
  7. My point is it is you the geordie supporters that has caused relegation after relegation because you do not support your club (even though you claim too). i have witnessed it myself at SJP and on TV its just jeeers and whistles and that rubs off on the players. Have you lot forgot the debacle a few years back when big sam was in charge (how sweet he must feel now)? He had you lot a healthy 11th on the leage and your clueless, jobless supports were chanting "you dont know what your doing". Remember that? You got him sacked and then king kevin keegan turnt up. There was rejoicing in the toon
  8. Sorry the weather is so nice down here that i had to treat myself to a Magnum. I hope the lousy Geordie weather in your most embarrassing week is not ruining your afternoon. If it is then not to bother as the local swing park can always cheer you up. You know the one painted in black and white stripes. Take a ride on keegans slide....
  9. Got to love the Geordie supporters. defiant to the end but full of shit. How can you justify yourselfs when you have been embarrassed by lousy Sunderland like this? What's your excuse because you always have one? I mean this years Aston Villa got ranked by the associated press as the worst team to ever play in the premier league AND YOU STILL COULDNT BEAT THEM TWICE
  10. Sorry i forgot that i was being lectured my english professors. Not something you associate with geordie land so i will type a little slower next time
  11. definately a spurs fan and proud of it. I would never call my club proflic cup winners but at least we average two major honours each decade. The last major you lot won was the fairs cup of 1969. Put another way any carTOON supporter under 46 years old have never seen their club win anything of any note in their lifetime. I thought west ham was bad but you lot are something else. Are you eligable to enter the Johnson's paint trophy next year?
  12. A cunt that is enjoying your lot play at Burton Albion next year. If i am a cunt then you lot are fucking fat cunts!
  13. Once for the record sunshine but we done the same to them in the 60's so all even. whats more embarrasing winning a league your locals ground or wearing the very colours of your rivals after herbert chapman (a spurs player) thought it necessary to promote spurs panache to their mindset? Thats the modern day equivalent of Niall Quinn becoming manager at Newcastle and demanding you lot were red socks or something. It wouldnt happen would it. You lot would be outragred right. Yet it did happen many years ago! Enough said!
  14. well its definately not newcastle is it. The obvious answer to that question is London although i will admit the plans for Manchester and Liverpool look OK. BTW notice how Osborne rejected Newcastle on the northern powerhouse development? That's because he knows carTOON land is a dump
  15. Yes there seems to be a pattern here. You fluke results at WHL and in the corresponding fixture we smack ya like we will this weekend!
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