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  1. Close season sale. They've had an admonishment. The owner of readytogo.net has put a sticky up saying he won't tolerate mackem-on-mackem abuse.
  2. The worst centre half in the premier league last season. The man's a fucking goon. He has a habit of embarassing himself at the worst possible time. Year after year after year
  3. You'll not catch me offering a handjob for 30p. Try a pund
  4. Bad times this morning. The one who offers blowies for 50p (arrange through the smb first, pay your money to the Victory Club doorman on the way in) has been banned. Imagine he'll turn up here next.
  5. Alreet Reiver kidda. Pm me your paypal details and I'll send ower 50p for a fight.
  6. Why? I'm the 3rd best poster on here
  7. They've been tearing each other apart today over the few jeers for Townsend coming on. Personally I would be disappointed if a rival coming onto the field of play for 10 mins in a warm up didn't get a pantomime jeer or two. But on rtg they're disgusted with themselves.
  8. Worked out the secret? Not very secret was it
  9. Are you suggesting that this forum generates facebook hacking / stalking?
  10. Haven't had any facebook friend requests yet.
  11. What facebook thing? Anyone want to be friends?
  12. I'm single handedly the most traffic on here. Have some respect.
  13. They're having a few problems today ower there. A couple of posters have suggested the overload of newcastle content is a bit dull. The fighter (known as Reiver-the-great) has instructed that it must continue because they can't think of owt else to talk about. Anyone who disagrees with this directive has been instructed to put 50p in the box at the Victory Club and say it to his face. He's also said the price is going up to 70p next year for any mackems wanting to fight him and his son. The lad reckons he used to be do 'protection' for the rich and famous. He was outed as a
  14. You're right like. At the minute they have a love in with a Swindon fan and a West Brom fan. Any mackem who makes a joke at club x's expense gets jumped on and told it's not acceptable because they have a special bond with club x. They tried it with a Leicester fan, but he was quality and ripped the piss out of them on a daily basis. The site admin couldn't cope so they banned him.
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