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  1. Hippo Heed appointed Engerland manager

    Greedy bastards the lot of em!
  2. Hippo Heed appointed Engerland manager

    Good shout mate I rate Bilic and he's got the experience. Fat Sam should get into politics he's got the credentials haha
  3. Hippo Heed appointed Engerland manager

    I'd take fergie or coleman any day but meant someone who would genuinely consider the job I'm struggling to think of one..
  4. Hippo Heed appointed Engerland manager

    all second rate... name one british manager who could win a trophy?
  5. Hippo Heed appointed Engerland manager

    Funniest thing ive heard all day
  6. Hippo Heed appointed Engerland manager

    agree with most comments if this the best the fa can offer than its a sad day. who else though allafarce is better than bruce ... moyes?? simple fact is we don't have the talent or they wouldn't want it due to the media bllocks jobs a poison chalice until that's sorted
  7. First off my heart goes out to Sunderland after losing their manager weeks before the season starts. Whoops :-o In terms of strategy an tactics never been much of a fan of big Sam however he wears his heart on his sleeve and I reckon we need someone who can lead. Which is more than can be said for hodgson who looked like he was waiting at the bus stop to collect his pension! Will Sam win us the world cup.... Stranger things have happened
  8. The lad had a good tournament sure plenty of rich owners watched the euros so could get £35M . Went to his head a bit tho, scoring his performance 10 outta 10 lol

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