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    Thanks for the feedback, will pass it on. Re. Cathro I think he'll definitely be given until January to see how it works for him. He made some signings in the January window to get us through to the end of the season and on paper the signings looked decent but it seemed to destroy any team harmony that was there. Seemingly that's going in the right direction with the signings of Berra and Lafferty. Hearts #11 isma goncalves is on his day a fantastic player, some don't take to him as he tends to "conserve his energy" but he's strong and got great feet. I travel down with my son as he follows toon as his English team so have seen them in the Prem and the Championship. My honest opinion is (and I know your team the other night was chopped and changed) that I think you might struggle a bit unless you get a few signings in. Shelvey for me is far and away your top man, Aarons had a good half and Gayle will get goals, if you play it on the ground. There are similarities between how the teams play, on the ground, attractive stuff until the opposition press then play long when pressured. Re. your fans they made a great noise throughout the game and speaking to some I think they enjoyed their day up the road! Hearts really scored an own goal not giving toon a bigger allocation as no doubt you would have filled the end. Nobody could really understand that one. That said the tickets went to general sale and there were plenty toon fans in the home end with no bother. Whats your goalkeeper situation? Is Darlo not about? Elliot made a couple of outstanding save the other night. We could do with a loan of one.

    Morning all Hearts fan in peace, my wee lad does match day vlogs and he's produced one from Fridays friendly. His channel on you tube is footballmania hd So if you fancy seeing your team and fans from a different perspective give it a look. Best of luck for the season coming up. Cheers

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