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  1. Lucas Perez is the only striker we could get that would be capable of scoring 20 goals a season for under £20 million. He scored 17 goals and got 10 assists for a bottom half Deportivo side (hence why Arsenal signed him), those stats saw Mahrez get prem player of the season and also if you bother to read forums you'll find arsenal fans rate him, Spanish fans rate him he is respected as a top forward just got ruined by Wenger as have many other players over the years, if we get him it would be huge for us
  2. Are you inferring he doesn't look a player in that vid? You can clearly see his talent
  3. Speaking of a top striker, we should be all over Lucas Perez from Arsenal, Rafa might be able to lure him exactly what we need
  4. I think Manquillo will establish himself as first choice RB over the season because frankly he's got way more talent than Yedlin
  5. He was 19 at the time and the penalty was a dive, definitely wasn't shit, control is very good and composed on the ball makes good runs
  6. What relevance does this have? Guess you want to remain ignorant so you can automatically be right in your mind? You can never be wrong I suppose how precious
  7. I recommend you to go watch his highlights on youtube and read the Hull forums also, would you profess to know more about Markovic and his talents than Liverpool fans and Hull fans? Very strange
  8. How would it be obvious to someone who has literally just joined a forum? How am I ranting I can have a perfectly reasonable discussion but literally the first comment I made was met with derision by some jumped up idiot who bases his opinions on nothing much at all as evidenced by the posts made? If someone disagrees with you it doesn't mean they're ranting, it just shows you have no capacity to reply adequately
  9. Yeah you're obviously just going to focus on that one mistake and ignore anything else I say, perhaps instead of being condescending and dismissive towards an opinion different to your own you should look in a little more detail? Doesn't reflect well on you You aren't right and time will show that
  10. Yeah you're right hah but still watch the vid he played against Ronaldo there and did ok
  11. I'm from Northumberland and have supported Newcastle all my life, dickhead
  12. Manquillo will surprise I guarantee, probably best value buy we have made I wouldn't judge him on what Sunderland fans say because that team and the manager were completely shocking, if he can do well for Marseille and Liverpool (yes he did well there) then he can certainly do well with Rafa for us. Have you watched any game highlights of him or read what Liverpool fans think of him? Don't forget this reject with no hope seemingly is only 23 and was playing in Madrid derby when he was 20 against Ronaldo and co. holding his own, once more undoubted talent.
  13. If you actually check what Liverpool fans say about him you'll find they rate him and many think he should be back up as a squad player and shouldn't sell, but hey lets be realistic Liverpool are on another level to us and given the right coaching and run in a team he can be a huge asset. He has good work ethic, very good on counter attack and great eye for a pass, he's often the player that'll make the first pass that starts off a move if you bother to watch his highlights last season for Hull, feel free to do so many commenters who follow Hull say their push for survival ended wh
  14. I think it's clear what's shite and lazy as fuck is your capacity to research a player and judge accordingly, because literally everything you said is wrong. He would be mainly a no. 10 but he's good enough that he could be moulded into a midfield role and yes can play wing if needs be. Clearly you like your echo chamber, your ignorance is duly noted.
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