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  1. Back benchers want shot of him but i think this is just a lot of fuss over nothing and will be forgotten by tomorrow.
  2. Nice to see the older Bross sibling enjoying a day out.
  3. Lets face it, the premier league is pance and as long as ashley is the chairman i dont care if we end up in the national league north, in the championship we may go straight back up and then again we may struggle but i would like to see us in a league where we win games all the time and that is league 2.
  4. People saying it was there first team, but was it there first team though? I didn't notice the likes cattermole, mcgeady, honeyman or matthews in that team. People can say what they want but I firmly believe the mackem under 18s would have beat us.
  5. It could happen and if it did I reckon I would actually enjoy it, in an odd way I am actually somewhat jelous of the mackems, yes they may be in league 1 but the premier league is boring, overrated and evolves around media hype, we are usually last on MOTD every week anyway, in fact I sometimes think they forget about us, where as in league 1 we would be on tv every other week, Ashley would sell and we would piss league 1 and also the championship.
  6. I might hoy a cheeky tenner on them garn down like.
  7. Hi all I am new to the forum, I live in a sesspit called Felling, where about's are you from?
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