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  1. Aye, if that lad lays a cable on his seat again they'll probably have to sell it off as fertiliser to even come close to breaking even.
  2. I mean, it has been known for some enterprising young fellows to engage in a bit of rectal pyro-smuggling, but you'd probably have to ask them whether they remember to remove it before lighting it.
  3. Problem is UEFA and FIFA are so soft on shite like that. To think the Russian FA was only fined €25,000 for racist chanting but if some bloke shoves a flare up his hoop and sets it off it usually gets a bigger fine.
  4. With its appalling human rights record, awful standard of living and widespread poverty and famine, I can't see how Sunderland would be an attractive choice for your average North Korean fan.
  5. They're probably going to shift on most of the big-money signings they made last summer but I can see Fulham holding onto Mitro considering what he was like for them last season, unless he's getting silly money. Then again I can see another Prem side maybe taking a chance on him but not sure exactly who.
  6. Mind you, as bad as Huddersfield have been this season, I actually think Fulham have been the biggest shambles. Not quite as bad as the Mackems in 05/06, Derby 07/08 or Villa 15/16 but spunking £100m+ up the wall only to drop straight back down to the Championship isn't a good look.
  7. Implying that I am a paedophile is actually less insulting than accusing me of being a Mackem.
  8. I'd rather one of the South coast clubs went down so the Sky/BT fixture bastards can stop putting us away to them on Monday nights. Would also like to see Cardiff gan down though as Warnock is about as likeable as a fart in a tent.
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