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  1. If we get rid of the Quavers maybe Bruce will fuck off 😉
  2. Yeah I mean he probably does deserve to keep his place given the lack of alternatives and his undoubted work rate and ability to carry the ball, which is why I said he could move to 10 with Fraser and ASM out on the wings. But again it's going to take a new manager to motivate them, because if Bruce hasn't already lost the dressing room he's very close to it.
  3. Of course our first best option is getting rid of Bruce soon as.
  4. Just seen the whole interview on sky. He's literally hoping for ASM to save his fat bacon. In fairness that is probably the only way we'll stay up this season and what a lot of us are currently thinking, as in ASM coming back into the team and going on a run of form. I also think that despite a few dodgy moments a fully fit Fraser is a much better option than a limited Almiron. Mind you a 4-2-3-1 with Almiron playing 10 and Fraser and ASM either side is likely our best option.
  5. Bruce: We tried to attack like, but no offence to the players but they're too shite to play the attacking football that I want them to, I mean told ya like. Imaginary competent journalist: But you were on a massive losing streak while playing five at the back and ultra defensive Bruce: ????!!!!!!!!
  6. Lascelles already saying we were "too open" and that they had tried to be more attacking. I'm sure Bruce had nothing to do with that line out of his mouth.
  7. Bruce after game : "Well you na, Bangarang scoring messed up me tactical plan for the second half.
  8. The truth is that far from the sending off being an excuse for Bruce, it was partly his fault. If we hadn't came and set up so negatively it's likely we wouldn't have needed to be so desperately chasing the bottom team around the pitch giving away free kicks, yellow cards and red cards.
  9. Bruce is likely secretly delighted about Fraser being sent off. Ready made excuse for losing a game we already looked like losing anyway.
  10. Making them look like peak Barca for fuck sake.
  11. That line up is a fucking travesty. Bruce manages, or as much as you can describe what he does as management, from fear. For a manager to put that line up, up against a team bottom of the table is a fucking bad joke.
  12. Fucking hell, when Schar has a good game he really has a good game. All that was missing was his customary half pitch run.
  13. Has the turn back time joke been done for Schar yet, cause that was basically what he did with that goal line clearance.
  14. Joelinton thinking he's vintage Ibrahimovic with that attempt. I assume he came to senses once he fell on his arse and completely mishit it.
  15. That was by Bruce's recent standards not the worst even though it was a terrible game. At least we actually showed some attacking intent, even though Joelinton's finishing is about as good as my painting in the spare room. In fairness to Joelinton he does look like he could be a decent hard working foil to Wilson at the very least. We just need most of the actual chances to fall to Wilson. We'd be absolutely fucked if we hadn't bought Wilson. I suppose it's a bit obvious to say that you need at least one good finisher at your club, but that point has seemed to bypass Ashley at certain points i
  16. Supposedly this is leaked concept art for the possible new strips from Castore. In fairness it looks very decent, but as people have been saying the quality control at Castore seems, if reports are to be believed, lacking.
  17. No doubt it was better than what we've seen at times this season when we've just sat back and seemingly hoped for the best, but I suppose it comes down to personal taste in terms of playing style. Again at least we had a discernable style of play today. Long may it continue if we keep getting points. Well at least until the end of the season when Cabbage head is given a terse thank you, sacked by the Saudi's having bought the club, and we go on a massive spending spree on players, coaching staff and infrastructure 😉 I can dream for now at least.
  18. I would say setting up to play on the counter when you're at home is the definition of playing like the away team. There's also the fact that Everton had 63% of the possession. And I didn't like it when Rafa did it either. But again I won't grumble too much if playing like this keeps getting results. The sooner we put ourselves safe the sooner things will become clearer in terms of any potential takeover whether it's a definite no or otherwise.
  19. We somehow keep getting results, so fair play to Cabbage head I suppose. In fairness as the commentators were saying there was much more of a clear plan today, as opposed to just blindly soaking up pressure and doing little in attack. I still don't like the idea that we played like the away team against a depleted Everton side, but again you can't argue with the result.
  20. I see Bruce thinks all the criticism he's getting is just a minority of keyboard warriors, guess that's us, and that the vast majority of fans are right behind him 🤣 Seeing as I live in Ireland I can't say I have first hand knowledge or a finger on the pulse of fans in the city, but I'd be very fucking surprised if the vast majority didn't think Bruce was a clueless twat. Wasn't there a poll recently? I wonder is Bruce a big enough of a tit to actually believe his own shite, or is trying to engage in some amateurish at best PR, propaganda. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/articl
  21. According to Tyler he did well in that position for Sheffield Wednesday last season, so why not. Him and Lewis could offer real pace and penetration for us. Of course we could fast forward a few weeks and he'll have let a few clangers in. Either that or Bruce will fail so see what he has and puts cheese single back in. Can't say we deserve a point but I'll definitely take it.
  22. 😂 Of course Big Joe had to get his, presumably at this stage, written into his contract appearance.
  23. Strange game. We're lucky that Jimenez didn't have his shooting boots on early in the half, but we've come into it in fairness. It'll be fine for Bruce either way. With Almiron and Fraser coming in and a change of formation to match Wolves, if we shit the bed he can just say see I told you and bring Big Joe back in next week.
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