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  1. Perez

    Apparently someone on the Leicester City forum reckons them signing Perez is just about a done deal!!! That's come from a Leicester season ticket holder I know. Thoughts?
  2. Perez

    I've read he's going to Fulham! So, Muto it is
  3. Perez

  4. Perez

    Well my topic spiralled qick! £30m WOW
  5. Other Games 18/19

    Bring back the milk cup
  6. Rafa Gone

    Good crack anyway chaps! Got to go, work in the morning, well past my bedtime
  7. Rafa Gone

    Again no idea
  8. Rafa Gone

    Has to be the geordie dancer, the worm was his best move in Sam jacks
  9. Rafa Gone

    Haha correct and it's Lee not stevie
  10. Rafa Gone

    1st South Americans to play in English football?
  11. Rafa Gone

    Haha no idea who stevie is, but it was ossie ardiles as he gave youth a chance
  12. Rafa Gone

    Best laugh is, I probably know more about Newcastle than half the fuckers on here haha. For instance! Who did Lee Clark admire the most as manager?
  13. Rafa Gone

    Everyone signed up to the NUST then? I've just went in today, tenna for a lifetime membership! Might head up to the next meet
  14. Rafa Gone

    I've guessed
  15. Perez

    Couldn't agree with you more mate
  16. Rafa Gone

    Your bad Mackem sense still tingling on me!? 👍
  17. Perez

    See told you all!
  18. Perez

    Could play defence too! Lionel Perez and Marc Hottiger, blood brothers haha
  19. Perez

    Lionel perez, superstar keeper
  20. Perez

    I'll be honest it's the most uninterested I've been in my 28 Yr of watching! I'll be gutted if Longstaff goes mind! To think we called for shepherd's head god rest his soul
  21. Perez

    Could be heading into a new season with no manager and joselu and gayle up front haha
  22. Perez

    Just going off what I've been told
  23. Mike Ashley -- Football Cunt

    I did read yesterday that there'd be an announcement today from the dubai group. I'll believe it when I see it
  24. Rafa Gone

    The leagues a gimmick though, I think they can only sign 3 to 5 players outside of China, he's gone for the £12m no other reason. He'll be at West Ham or somewhere like that in a year
  25. Rafa Gone

    I see he's been unveiled anyway, he looks sick as fuck!

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