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  1. Unknown artist apparently making a posthumous splash in the art world with his paintings of working class life. Neat story. Eric Tucker
  2. I’m sure that’s accurate! I’ll forward to the City Council for inclusion in their informational materials. Don’t worry, you’ll get all the credit. PL, you’re not alone in missing the craft beer wave. In 94 I was a home brewer. I’d been accepted to brewers college in Germany. A few months before I was to go I met my wife. Decided if I was going to marry this woman, I’d better make something of myself—decided there was no future in this “hobby” of mine and went to law school instead. Yep, called that one right! Anyone need any advice on futures markets, I’m not your guy!
  3. PL, I am jealous! And I’m sure she loves being being referred to as the “current Mrs. PL!” Bandwagon? Seriously? Rather than being born into NUFC, I chose this shit in 2006! You’ve had Sir Bobby, the Entertainers, and Keegan. All I’ve had is Fat Fred, 2 relegations, Kinnear, Pardew, and Fat Mike. You got Shearer, I’ve had Shola! If I’m a bandwagon fan, NUFC is is great shape! spent the last 13 years on another board. It’s died, so looking for a new home. Howay the Lads!
  4. OK, I’ll play. Real Name: Eric (EJ) Age: 52 Birthplace: USA (North Carolina) Whereabouts: Denver, CO Job: Judge Favourite Club: (if Not Newcastle) Favourite Band: Dylan, Springsteen Favourite Food: breakfast Favourite Drink: bourbon Favourite Place: New Orleans Favourite Tv Show(s): anything sci-do Favourite Film: Footballing Heroes: only started watching footy in ‘06. Footballing Villains: that diving Brazilian kid from last World Cup Other Teams: Other Sports: American College Sports Role Model(s
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