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  1. oh shit my maths is wrong. Get rid of Atal because they already have Wan Bissaka thats 76
  2. heres a back 4 u could get for maguire money Tierney - 25 Upamecano - 26 Konate - 25 Atal - 20 86 mill lol
  3. Tbh I say good luck to youse because (im an arsenal fan if you cant tell) you got us first up and with an attack of Aubameyang, Lacazette and Pepe I dont know how youse are gonna handle that with Dummet and Yedlin
  4. yeah. I reckon Newcastle should buy Glenn Murray, back-up and proven goals in the Prem
  5. ik they will probably end up getting someone like Nasri as a Perez replacement Here is the dream window for newcastle https://www.futhead.com/19/squads/872193/
  6. tbh now youve replaced Rondon I really think Newcastle should go for Lazios Joaquin Correa to replace Perez. Would cost around 20-25 mill and IMO would be a 1000% better partnership then Rondon and Perez. Should sell Longstaff too when you can get 70 mill for him you should do it for a guy that played 8 times in the Premier League. Should buy someone like James Milner so he can run all day and a guy like Willan Cyprien for class
  7. tbh i get your point. I could see Newcastle getting relegated this season (sorry), and selling Joelinton for like 15 mill to someone like Lazio and he becomes a world beater
  8. This argument is stupid Joelinton isnt player that has just come out of the Brazillian fourth division he was at a champions league club, playing majority of the games, while for his first season in top flight football. Scoring 7 goals and 7 assists. Its not that bad averaging a goal contribution every 2 games, in a tough league, in his first season. He is a genuine amazing prospect. Fellow brazillian striker, Gabriel Jesus. Scored 7 goals and 3 assists in more games then Joelinton and everyone always raves about him. Joelinton isnt a nobody.
  9. Type up mustafi worst moments on youtube you better hope hes not a starter
  10. Heard Newcastle needed some players Happily give you Mustafi, Elneny, Koscielny, Jenkinson, Monreal for £1
  11. I have signings to suggest. Im not a Newcastle fan but I like Newcastle they're basically my second team IMO Newcastle should sell Longstaff for £60m and Shelvey for £15m Newcastle should buy: Joaquin Correa (Lazio) - £25m Bernardo (Brighton) - £8m Morgan Sanson (Marseille) - £20m Tiemoue Bakayoko (Chelsea) - £15m Jarrod Bowen (Hull) - £10m Amount - £78m For Selling TWO players you could improve massively
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