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  1. Just like you twisting the words of NO posters to put them in a bad light?
  2. wasn't the original problem that he was too big?
  3. He's not even a has been. I don't think he's ever been good
  4. There's going to get an article in the Chronicle today about it (I think)
  5. from Sky Sports: Alan Shearer's knee injury has ruled him out for the rest of the season, Sky Sports News understands, and his distinguished 18-year career is now over. The Newcastle United legend picked up the medial ligament problem towards the end of Newcastle United's 4-1 win over Sunderland last week. Shearer waited until the end of this week to have scans, but he was always pessimistic about his chances of returning. Shearer, who has already become Newcastle's leading goalscorer of all time, had hoped to make the last three games - but that dream looks to have now been dashed - with The Magpies expected to officially confirm the news on Saturday. Caretaker boss Glenn Roeder has already named Shay Given as captain for the last three games, knowing that Shearer was unlikely to make a return. Shearer will now bid farewell to his adoring fans in his testimonial match on May 11 against Celtic - a game which sold out within days of the tickets going on sale.
  6. she gets on my f-ing nerves
  7. jonnyhall


    he's stupid if he is that was like weeks ago, even I'm over that
  8. How's it been ruined like? Fucking hell, alright the joke may not have gone down well but what exactly has been ruined? Seriously I'd like someone to tell me. As far as I can see FUCK ALL has changed. For the campaign to have been "ruined" this would have had to have destroyed any chance of Hitzfeld managing Newcastle. Please tell me how that's happened. 108853[/snapback] well if the press get hold of this they are hardly gonna think the campaign is legitimate. One toon fan hoaxing another, they are gonna think we are all nutters and we will lose all crediability that we had. this site is a s***hole. I'm off, feel free to delete my account 'n all
  9. whether the campaign was a success or not, whether it is going to be or not, it is not all about getting Hitzfeld in the job. It was an honest attempt by Toon fans working together to do something right for the club. What was done was not a 'joke'. Genuine toon fans worked hard on that campaign and it was ruined by this so called 'joke'. Toon fans shouldn't be fighting Toon fans. We should all be working together, not playing 'jokes' on eachother.
  10. that would be Sky indeed was a great angle, no point Westerveld trying to get there. 100913[/snapback] Well I saw it on MOTD so maybe they share the camera feed................... 101135[/snapback] They don't belong to either TV company unless it is an exclusive like the Newcastle-Gateshead cup when it would have been Sky's cameras. The cameras are just normal filming and Sky and the BBC both have access to all of the footage and can add their own overlays on them like the score bar etc...
  11. The Hitzfeld campaign was either subliminal, insignificantly small, or non-existent tonight. 97035[/snapback] and so it should be. At the game it should really be about Newcastle United and the current coaching team rather than who is to come. It is better to have cheered for Newcastle tonight rather than Hitzfeld or any manager
  12. the problem was we were shooting enough. All they needed to do was lob the ball into their box again and again and the makeshift goalkeeper would have crumbled. We had like 2 shots on goal when their keeper was off which was poor. He was standing on the 18 yard line. He could have easily have been lobbed. I was one of the people shouting 'shoot' whenever anyone of ours got the ball
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