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  1. Cooler than Evil Kerneval.
  2. Twas better back in the 80s some away fellas wore kilts and black doc martins with white laces looked hardcore. Shoes off is very soccer am.
  3. I just think Bruce is erratic and his briefs will be to encourage some players like Maxi to go at it with a free role, some players like the twins to take 25 yarders first time every time, but Linton is getting the track back sermon. It cannot be easy for him. He is a big unit and needs to plant himself up front and start bullying his providers.
  4. well if that's the case only the Manger will be to blame for that.
  5. With Linton I really do think the Manager has filled the poor lads head with track back every chance shit. It breaks up Lintons time in areas he should be gaining his touch in. Fear knocked at the door, Brucie answered, and let it in.
  6. The worst for me was away to Villa. His match talk must have been to blame because no footballer wants to defend against attack for the first 45 minutes. It was dreadful and clear as day that the Managers pre-match talk was to blame. I had no excuses for him that game and all I have now is that he is getting the best out the Premierships best keeper. If it was a school report then Brucie "must do better" Must do better should not involve encouraging Linton to always be working back, the young lads head is battered thinking he is Alan Hansen.
  7. I wouldnt pay 37 quid to go to the stadium of light because its a new stadium and I have little to no interest in new stadiums, its an age thing. I would pay 37 quid to go to say Newcastle or Leeds, because these are the grounds that I went to on the specials as a teenager. These places still hold a historical interest to me. New stadiums don't.
  8. already in troduced myself on the introductions thread. If you are going to attempt to gang up on me in true internet message board fanny style then crack on. If the flack gets really bad I will act like a submissive dog and roll over and pull out the fact that my ancestry hails from Pelaw.
  9. varies from game to game, not ideal by any stretch of the imagination, but he is young, big, fit, and has assisted play in some big games.. needs time. Drop him if you like, but dont give up on him
  10. I think he is yet to find the right partner in a double act. Toshack and Keegan or Rooney and Tevez some players need to have an understanding with someone in particular. He has height and strength and his overall game seems ok its just his choice of movement off the ball taking him away from his mission as a striker. I would like to think it will work itself out somehow.
  11. Now then football tourist over 50 year old here. I don't support one team in particular anymore just find it too groundhog and have never been a fan of season tickets. Reason for joining is I have begun to enjoy going to the odd match at St James Park more than most other grounds so want to comment on a few players etc. Love a bet, always a North East treble (including Carlisle) some have won, some have lost. Any winnings me and our lass spend on Hotel visits to Newcastle to see one of our kids at Uni. Our neighbours always rave on about Liverpool nights out but we are happier closer to hom
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