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  1. HTT


    Yorkshire pudding pizzas, my signature dish
  2. HTT

    Hey you guys

    Gejon sadly passed away. I’m sure you guys are aware, we have a footy Cup we play in his name regularly over at N.O, would be great to have a game with some of yous lot playing in the near future?
  3. HTT

    Hey you guys

    I sincerely hope everyone I know from the past on here are safe sound and well. I remember Alex, Gemmill, Chayton, PeasePud and who can forget my man Isegrim. Dr Gloom did you used to run the website of your namesake btw? Me, these days I’m happily married to an amazing wife running my own successful family business with two amazing boys one of whom is at the Mackem elite academy, he’s six and is immensely talented, Even if I do say so myself. SMB that he is! Anyway, again, I hope all you guys are safe, sound and well. Good to see this place hasn’t died a death...
  4. HTT

    Hey you guys

    Less of the daft lad as well, no way to treat a returning legend, hero, giant, GOAT and absolute fucking numpty after all these years. Have some respect!
  5. HTT

    Hey you guys

    As good as can be, hope you and everyone else on here are too, even that PeasePud bloke
  6. HTT

    Hey you guys

    Glad to see this place hasn’t died a death... Err... Hope everyone is well
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